Mt Pleasant Pier November Fishing Forecast

November may be last call for some species at the pier for a few months so don’t miss out on the action.

It’s one of my favorite months to fish as the weather is cooling and the fish are typically pretty active.

It’s a month when you can still target a “Lowcountry Inshore Slam” consisting of redfish, flounder, and spotted sea trout.

The large flat to the north of the pier should continue to be productive for both redfish and trout.

That spot is growing in popularity so we ask that fishermen share the space and follow the pier rules that limit rod usage to 2 rods at a time.

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 Live finger mullet or fresh cut bait fished on a basic Carolina rig is a great way to target trophy size reds.

Live shrimp or artificials like Vudu and Zman fished under a cork is an effective method for trout.

Depending on the tide you can catch trout in a variety of other locations along the pier. Towards the end of the pier is a popular spot during low tide as the water first starts to come back in.

If fishing the very tip of the pier, you will want to keep your bait off the bottom to avoid getting snagged on a large collection of old bridge debris.

John with a nice redfish..

November can also be one of the best months of the year for flounder fishing and possibly the last opportunity for a doormat till the waters warm back up in the spring.

Previous years it’s the month we’ve seen some as large as 4 – 6 pounds come over the rail. Live mud minnows or finger mullet are the baits of choice for most anglers.

Using a basic Carolina rig you can sit idle and enjoy the view fishing or be more active and walk your bait down the pier to cover more area.

Mark with a big bull red

Finally, if you like the challenge of catching the ninja-like, bait stealing sheepshead, this is the time of year the big boys start to show up.


While sheepshead can be caught year-round at the pier, the biggest catches are typically recorded between November and February using fiddler crabs, fresh mussels, or sand fleas as bait.

The River Watch Café & Gift Shop carries frozen sand fleas year-round if you have trouble locating the other baits.

Hope to see you out here in November!

Good Luck!

Chris Pounder,

CPRP Manager | Mount Pleasant Pier

Charleston County Park & Recreation Commission | Mount Pleasant Pier
For more info please contact the pier at (843) 762-9946
or visit


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