Mt Pleasant Pier September Fishing Forecast

Fall fishing can be some of the best fishing all year from the Mount Pleasant Pier. The water is warm, the bait is running, so you can target a variety of things or give crabbing a try.

Fishing is also a great way to meet new people and grow your framily. Despite spell check wanting me to change that word the spelling was intentional.

We’ve got some great people on the pier on any given day who will go out of their way to help others, especially youth anglers.

Allow me to take a minute and share a little about Colonel Steve and his new fishing buddy George before I get to some September tips. Col. Steve is a great guy that’s always looked out for others on the pier.

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He regularly shares bait, his favorite spots, and has even been known to regift prizes won at tournaments to youth anglers nearby. Recently Col. Steve has taken 3-year-old George under his wing and has George excited to come fishing and see what the day holds.

Last week Col. Steve arrived 2 hours before George and his family did one day just to catch finger mullet for bait. His efforts were rewarded when the rod went off and George fought hard to land a 19-inch flounder with a little help.

3 year old George with a nice 17″ seatrout.

In the past week or two this duo has added some other impressive trout and flounder to their list of catches.

George proudly wears his lucky Mount Pleasant Pier fishing hat with a hat hook whenever he comes fishing and is always excited to share the day’s news when I stop by.

Col Steve and George with an 18.5″ flounder

Watching these new fishing buddies reminded me that fishing is family and it’s been great to see. We have fishermen of all skill levels at the pier so be kind to those that may not know as much as you and want to learn.

We all learned from someone along the way and you just may end up with a new fishing buddy.

A few tips for September: Bottom rigs are very common and can be productive; however, if the crabs are thick or the nuisance fish are schooled up you can go through a lot of bait in a very short period of time without much success.

We have fishermen of all skill levels at the pier so be kind to those that may not know as much as you

One option to consider is to use live shrimp, minnows, or mullet under a poppin’ cork. It’s an effective way to catch sea trout, red drum, and even flounder.

Large red drum specimens can be caught with regularity throughout September and into October. The best bet to land one is to target the edge of the marsh grass during high tide.

Large “bull” reds may prefer mullet, live or cut, but an overlooked bait that works great is using a quarter of a blue crab.



So, when you’re bottom fishing and the crabs are thick it might be time to grab an inexpensive crab net from the River Watch Café and Gift Shop on the pier and get even.

September 11 the Cast-Off Fishing Tournament is back at the pier. The tournament runs from 7am – 2pm and prizes will be awarded for the 3 biggest fish by weight along with a category for youth anglers (12 and under) and aggregate weight of 5 fish. Entry is just $5 plus the daily fishing fee and is available on site beginning at 7am.

We’re always looking to share what you’re catching and it doesn’t have to be a record breaker. Fish does need to be caught from the Mount Pleasant Pier to be featured.

Hope to see you on the pier,

Good Luck!

Chris Pounder,

CPRP Manager | Mount Pleasant Pier

Charleston County Park & Recreation Commission | Mount Pleasant Pier
For more info please contact the pier at (843) 762-9946
or visit


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