Cast & Blast: Dec. 2016

Not much to report as of this writing date, Nov. 11th.

I went scouting on my airboat yesterday along the northwest … November 26, 2016

CAST and BLAST: November 2016

It’s been a long hot wet summer and with so much standing water on the farmlands and even the golf … October 30, 2016

“CWD” — What is it and why should I care?

You may or may not know this but fishermen and hunters are the primary funding source for most of the … August 26, 2016

Springtime Turkey

With winter behind us in Florida, March ushers-in the prospects of warming temperatures, sunny skies and the return of the … March 1, 2016

That Coon Dog’ll Hunt Outta the Woods

Some of my huntin’ buddies and I really live for being out in a wet patch of woods in the … February 1, 2016

Hunting Report: Jan. 2016

So far the Lake Okeechobee duck season looks as if it is off to a slow or late start. There seems to be more hunters than ducks. Those few flocks that are spotted in December were getting sky blasted by trigger happy hunters. December 30, 2015

Duck Calling Tips

"To be a good duck caller, you’ve got to be a good duck watcher," a veteran guide on Tennessee's famed Reelfoot Lake once told me. "You've got to pay close attention to the birds' reactions and determine whether you have to tease them in or demand that they come to the decoys. Some ducks are susceptible to calling, while others are going where they're going regardless of how well you call." October 26, 2015

Florida Alligator Harvest

The harvesting of alligators in Florida is an important component of alligator management in Florida and is regulated by the … July 31, 2015

Turkeys in Review

Turkey season has closed for this year and it was truly a great season for the lodge we run in … July 1, 2015

Pull! Introduction to Shotgun Sports

Do you find yourself looking for something new and exciting to do this summer. Have you given any thought about … May 29, 2015