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Gearing Up for Spring Freshwater Fishing

With the temperature down and the fishing slowed, now is the time to ramp up your conditioning of tackle for the coming spring. And while it might not seem different from checks of salt water tackle, there are some slight changes.

In Search of Monster Roosterfish

My son Charles and I are always looking for giant roosterfish— one of my favorite fish of all. It has a dorsal fin that kind of looks like the tail feathers of a rooster, thus giving it the name roosterfish. It is a member of the jack family and fights as hard as any jack does.

Coral Restoration: A Revolutionary Effort

Coral Restoration Foundation Seeks to Restore Natural Reefs Through the Transplanting of Nursery Grown Coral With the ever increasing effects of climate change on the world’s seas and oceans, coupled with excessive pollutants and destructive fishing techniques, coral reefs—essential to marine as well as to human life— continues to diminish at an alarming rate. In some instances reefs are, literally, dying out.

Dolphin Asking for Help

For as long as people have braved the sea, stories have surfaced about individuals being rescued by dolphins from all …

So You Need A Fish Catching Machine

Looking for advice on buying a kayak? Follow these tips to make a successful purchase. Try out as many kayaks as possible. You want to make sure the boat you buy is a proper fit. Not everybody will be comfortable in just any old kayak. Many shops have demo days and this is a great way to test drive different models from different manufacturers.

The Water Haul Cast: A Useful Cast to Master

In saltwater fly fishing a long (50-plus feet) accurate cast is often required to be successful at catching fish. This cast is called the double haul. The double haul is a wonderful cast once mastered and will make it possible for the fly angler to not only cast his or her fly to greater distances but also help when casting into the wind.

Hot Action on Eight-Day Trip Aboard the American Angler

The anglers who headed out in mid-October aboard the 90-foot American Angler, out of Point Loma Sportfishing in San Diego, with Captain Ray Lopez at the helm, experienced multi-species Nirvana on an eight-day Penn Fishing University excursion. This October eight-day trip is known as the Fall Variety Special, and it more than lived up to its billing, with 27 different species of game fish caught.

Good on the Fish and Fisherman – Dehooking Device

A simple T-handle de-hooker can be a total game changer, especially if you do any bottom fishing. It can minimize the injuries that your caught fish take.

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2020 Islamorada Sailfish Tournament

December 3rd through December 6th. Over $60,000 in prize money.

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