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30 Days of the Doormat

By Zach Harvey It’s finally June. Look sharp. After my half-failed state-of-the-fluke projection in last month’s issue—and a month during … Jun 1st, 2013

Ocean State Scup by Any Other Name…

By Lisa Helme and Julia Molino [one_third last=”no”][colored_box color=”red”] Wine Pairings Once again, we’ve asked Coastal Angler Magazine Rhode Island … Jun 1st, 2013

Silver Snapper “A Scapece”

T his rather simple preparation dates back to the Roman times and was used as a method of preservation. Throughout … Jun 1st, 2013

Fish Early, Fish Often: May’s Monster Fluke

by Zach Harvey The month of May is a sleeper in Rhode Island fluke fishing, mainly since it’s the second … May 1st, 2013

May Mania: Stripers, Stripers Everywhere

by Zach Harvey After slim pickings in April, May’s striper fishing borders on too many choices May is one humdinger … May 1st, 2013

Under the Jamestown Bridge

Some places, for all their fishing potential, see almost zero fishing pressure—and not even because their potential is unknown. I think particularly with less experienced fishermen, the tendency is to head for the known spots where there will be lots of boats or other fishermen—in short, immediate confirmation that they’re in the right place, and doing what must be the right things because they can watch a dozen other guys doing the same thing (and catching fish).May 1st, 2013

It’s May: Let the Mania Begin!

From where I stand, sit, stand, pace, sit, and stand, April is debatable as a fishing month in Rhode Island’s … May 1st, 2013

What is A Pan Fish?

In the 1920’s my great-grandmother bought a house on Shelter Island, in the alligator’s mouth on Eastern Long Island. As a young bride, my grandmother spent summers there with her two sons who spent their days sailing and fishing. In turn, my family spent every summer there as well. It was idyllic – well, mostly.May 1st, 2013

Do You Have the BLUEFISH Blues?

Many anglers enjoy catching the feisty bluefish, but once the fish is onboard, the ardor cools. Hooks are torn out … May 1st, 2013

The First Migrants: in Search of Spring Schoolies

By Zach Harvey The operative phrase in early bass casting is “early and often…” My appreciation of many things in … Mar 11th, 2013