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Effectiveness of Fishing from a Kayak

There is no doubt that the popularity of kayak fishing is on the rise, as many retailers and manufacturers of angling kayaks have observed increased sales in recent years.Feb 1st, 2018

Weathering Winter: Down-Time’s Up-Side

Standing out in my driveway, face frozen nearly immobile, body just starting to sweat beneath a half-dozen layers, I survey my progress over 45 minutes behind the shovel--and feel a familiar twinge. Feb 1st, 2018

Science and the Ugly Truth (Part Two)

by Zach Harvey Editor’s Note: In last month’s Fish Focus, I looked at the way the evolution of our management … Jan 12th, 2018

In Search of Perch

By Tom Schlichter What is it about white perch that make them such a favorite of Long Island’s winter angling … Jan 12th, 2018

Keep Moving for Better Ice Fishing

BY TOM SCHLICHTER In decades past, ice fishermen drilled a few holes in a specific area and worked them thoroughly … Jan 4th, 2018

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Kayak Fishing for Tog – Tips & Techniques

by Chris Debeer Late season fshing for Tautog from a kayak can be rewarding to say the least. A kayak …

Cold Water Kayaking

BY ELLIOT G. THOMAS The winter “off-season” hits hardest right at the beginning of the cold weather. As the fall …