Fish Focus with Zach Harvey

Three Cycles of the Fisherman’s Moon

by Zach Harvey Here in life after deck, an admittedly awkward point in my fishing/writing career when I’m trying to … August 2, 2017

New Grounds: Cracking the Code

I used to joke that the guys who were most outspoken about the need for absolute secrecy—or who ranted and raved the loudest every time one of my writers or I dared to divulge any quasi-detailed strategic advice about a named fishing spot—came up a little short in the booming authority department. July 3, 2017

Spot Burnout: Will Secrecy Be Our Undoing?

By Zach Harvey I shudder to think how many grand-total hours I’ve frittered away worrying about a not-insignificant amount of … May 30, 2017

If A Striper Falls in the Forest: Standing By to Stand By

I know I'm not the first person to notice that we're losing prime fishable time from our already foreshortened New England seasons. I also know, having discussed this apparent new trend of the last decade or so with numerous folks in seemingly every party of the larger fishing industry, that the underlying causes for this new challenge are numerous and complex. May 1, 2017

Captain Buzzkill’s Guide to April Angling

I often joke that if I am indeed a writer, it would be very hard to prove that some days—the days, and there are too many, when I’m not actually chained to my keyboard trying to make something out of nothing.March 28, 2017

The Next Four Years

I will quietly admit that when Trump won the election, I breathed a very short and well-concealed sigh of relief—not because I had any personal faith in the man’s integrity, intelligence, poise, or political aptitude, but...March 3, 2017

Use This Show for All it’s Worth

Some nonpartisan wisdom on getting the most out of a day at the boat show...January 11, 2017

Back in (the) Gear

by Zach Harvey For all my efforts to extract the last bits of marrow from the fishing months here in … December 7, 2016

The “N” Word: Month-Eleven in the High Surf

Month-Eleven in the High Surf Halloween used to be a serious benchmark in a surf season—a gateway of sorts into … November 2, 2016

The August Overhaul: Catch Monster Bass Right Now!

The August Overhaul: Catch Monster Bass Right Now! Line the “doldrums” rumors up alongside 15 years of confirmed August cow-tipping, … July 24, 2016