Fish Focus with Zach Harvey

The Next Four Years

I will quietly admit that when Trump won the election, I breathed a very short and well-concealed sigh of relief—not because I had any personal faith in the man’s integrity, intelligence, poise, or political aptitude, but...March 3, 2017

Use This Show for All it’s Worth

Some nonpartisan wisdom on getting the most out of a day at the boat show...January 11, 2017

Back in (the) Gear

by Zach Harvey For all my efforts to extract the last bits of marrow from the fishing months here in … December 7, 2016

The “N” Word: Month-Eleven in the High Surf

Month-Eleven in the High Surf Halloween used to be a serious benchmark in a surf season—a gateway of sorts into … November 2, 2016

The August Overhaul: Catch Monster Bass Right Now!

The August Overhaul: Catch Monster Bass Right Now! Line the “doldrums” rumors up alongside 15 years of confirmed August cow-tipping, … July 24, 2016

What’s the Catch: The High-Summer Rundown

June Fluking I hate to see June go. Force of long-held fishing habits, the optimism of a fast-evolving new season, … July 6, 2016

Ineptitude and You: The Bucket Beckons

Fishermen – The Bucket Beckons “You’re a fisherman, Zach,” announced Tim Coleman, after a long silence we’d each punctuated with … June 1, 2016

Early-Season Salvage: Plan B

Early Season SalvageMay 1, 2016

Management Training: Carlos and the Great Cod Caper

For about a month (as of this writing), I’ve been boning up on my knowledge of fisheries management current events, reading a ton of backlogged groundfish news, trying to nail down some specifics about a recent crusade by several environmental groups advocate for deep-ocean coral beds that have been discovered in a number of the notches in the continental slope where we target tuna or billfish.April 1, 2016

Chronicles of Stupid–The Splice Is Nice

While I played enough sports in my years before the deck to have genuine misgivings about calling fishing a “sport” in the tradition sense of the word, my experience both behind the reel or the gaff has shown me that there’s room to excel (and fail in epic fashion) wherever the goal is hauling fish from the brine. I’m talking about those rare, sometime astonishing moments when you find yourself punching 100 pounds above your weight class, or, for whatever reasons of mechanical technique or heightened, near-total focus, you suddenly perform light-years beyond your predicted median skill level. February 29, 2016