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RI Weekly Fishing Report: July 19, 2013

Here in our second week of our brand-new weekly Friday weekend planner reports, it’s good to get solid word from folks around Rhode Island waters as well as offshore grounds well south of Block Island, that the fishing is quite good, almost no matter what you target.Jul 19th, 2013

Rhode Island Fishing Report – Jul 12, 2013

Rhode Island Weekly Vol. 1: July 12, 2013 By Zach Harvey Bass, Fluke Fishing Excellent At Block Island T his, … Jul 12th, 2013

RI Weekly Fishing Report: July 12 2013

This, the inaugural weekly web report for Coastal Angler Magazine, Rhode Island, should give you an idea of the type of up-to-the-minute report information we’ll be delivering every Friday morning through the remainder of this season. The hope is that you all will find it a useful tool as the first late-morning yawns stretch your jaw hinges and your mind begins to wander toward your hours of liberty that, as of around noon, will be close enough that you can taste them. Jul 12th, 2013

Ocean State Fluke

June is the month when fluke season really begins in our Ocean State. While the commercial guys have been bringing in fluke since May, and a few recreational anglers got lucky, “fluking” really heats up now. Add the fishapalooza “Fluke ‘Til Ya Puke,” hosted by Big Game Fishing in South County (more on the tournament throughout this issue) and we are on the verge of calling Fluke Rhode Island’s “fish-of-the-month.” Jul 3rd, 2013

RISAA recognized by Fisheries Society

The Rhode Island Saltwater Anglers Association (RISAA) was honored and recognized by the American Fisheries Society, Southern New England Chapter, during their 2013 Summer Meeting held at Roger Williams University on June 19.Jul 1st, 2013

Flukin’ has just never been this much fun

Say what you will about the name (no marketing guy ever developed this one), The “Fluke ‘Til Ya Puke” fishing tourney is in a class by itself. In fact, it has become the largest fluke tournament in the country and one of Rhode Island’s most loved fishing events. Jul 1st, 2013

The Right Fit: Charter Choices

I shudder to think the number of folks I’ve watched come and go over almost 20 years working deck—party and charter boats—in Point Jude. Especially during these lean times, I start to consider the number of times I was present for charter-fishing misfires, trips that ended badly, never quite congealed, or turned out just “okay” when they could have been spectacular. More times than I care to count, these short-circuited or ill-fated trips were the result of predictably (at least from my perspective) mismatched combinations of charter and captain. Chemistry affects every human interaction for better or worse, and the world of so-called “deep-sea” fishing is no exception. Jul 1st, 2013

Fish Focus

If, without time to climb on a roller coaster or attempt to break a land-speed record out somewhere in the desert, you want to experience the sense of hurtling through space with no control whatsoever, here’s what you do: Promise your son and or daughter that you’ll take them out deep sea fishing sometime before the end of summer vacation. Then, e-mail me your phone number, and I’ll track you down the last week of August to check on your progress. Jul 1st, 2013

As Good As It Gets: June’s Striper Goldrush

By Zach Harvey On the averages, there is no better month in RI striper hunting I guess this season isn’t … Jun 2nd, 2013

Waiting on the squid

One summer about a hundred years ago—I was twelve or so—I remember that acid rain was everywhere, all over the … Jun 2nd, 2013