Flukin’ has just never been this much fun

Say what you will about the name (no marketing guy ever developed this one), The “Fluke ‘Til Ya Puke” fishing tourney is in a class by itself. In fact, it has become the largest fluke tournament in the country and one of Rhode Island’s most loved fishing events.


We gotta say, The 8th Annual Green Hill Fluke ‘Til Ya Puke Fishing Tournament was a blast. 713 registered Anglers came from all over Rhode Island, New England, New York and New Jersey to ply Rhode Island waters for the doormats. With over $20,000 in cash and prizes, it was game on. The best, boldest and most competitive captains hit the blue Rhody waters and returned for a 2:30 weigh in laden with Ocean State bounty. From flounders to (can we say this in print?) the shit fish – dogfish were popular – it was all there for the crowd to appreciate. The captains and crew chilled their catch and patiently (many with frosty beers in hand) waited for Brian to record their official weigh in.

And the crowd roared appreciation when captain after captain donated their tasty catch to Rhode Island Center Assisting Those in Need (RI CAN.)

Team Wicked Fluking drew cheers for donating a whopping 53 pounds of fluke. The guys were pumped. Their good deed was swiftly followed in kind by the good men of Chasers, Mitch, Andrew and more, who donated 50-60 pounds of tasty fluke. Team Why Not weighed in with 41 pounds, followed by Reel Fanatic, Sin Bin II with both fluke and bass, and many, many more who did their part.

But Team Three Deep dominated with a whopping 156 pounds of fish donated to a great cause. In total our captains donated more than 1100 pounds of fish to feed Rhode Island’s needy – good on you, gentlemen. You guys rock.

Gary, of Bridgeway Bait and Tackle, saw us in the crowd and asked us if we could include a mention of RI CAN in this story. He introduced us to Barbara, Chair of Fundraising, and Kay, President. The nice ladies from RI CAN had only the nicest things to say about the Big Game Fishing guys and the other captains. They were very happy to be distributing the fish to their clients who come to them for food. They explained to us that RI CAN is a non-profit organization providing emergency food, shelter, clothing, employment assistance and other vital supports to neighbors in crisis. They don’t get these things for free, but buy them from food banks and are always on the hunt for healthy food to feed fellow Rhodies in need. These ladies are a class act and dedicated to helping others – check them out and do what you can www.rhodeislandcan.org.

While the captains were feeding the needy the crowd was taking care of business. With an all you can eat and drink BBQ, and generous pouring of Berkshire Beer available for purchase, it was a great food-day all around.

With the glorious day, cash prizes, great food and added bonus of many raffle prizes, there’s no question why the tournament draws the crowds that it does. Plus, each registered angler received a free tournament t-shirt, not to mention their personal copy of “Coastal Angler Magazine Rhode island.”

Get ready for next year’s tournament by getting details at: www.biggamefishingri.com

To Seamus and the guys – you did an amazing job. You may be glad it’s over for now, but as for next year – we know we’ll be there!