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Cotton Tree Lodge, Belize

Time to accept a new concept, bucket list trips that are completely kid friendly and have all the bucket needs associated with the once in a life time experience. Now, add the twist of letting the kids dream up the place, with one limitation, of course, fish!

Picture Perfect

Ask me to describe the perfect fishing location and my mind conjures up images of calm, clear water over rich grass beds with white sandy potholes, perfect ambush points for hungry trout and redfish

Monster Tarpon in the Florida Everglades

When my father approached me this past November with the idea of tarpon fishing in Florida, I was all ears. You see, a lifetime of angling (and a handful of forty and fifty pound stripers) has spawned within me an obsession to tangle with ever larger fish, and the tarpon holds a lofty position on the bucket list.

Charles and The Golden Dorado

This month’s favored fish is quite the acrobat, and, when hooked, spends almost as much time out of the water as in the water with incredible jumps as high as six feet in the air. It's a very odd looking fish with a blunt head and long body the colors of turquoise, bright green, yellow and blue, thus making it one of the most beautiful fish in the sea.

A Trip to Scatter Ashes turns into a Grand Slam

Boynton Beach charter Captain Geno Pratt and his wife, Karen, began their Jan. 20 afternoon trip on a somber note. …

A Key West Carnival Ride

Schools of spawning permit join the procreational pursuit at a most spectacular of gatherings. In multitudes of silver and gold they mass.

Surf Fishing

Sharks Approach Surfers

Drone footage shows sharks approaching surfers and paddle boarders near the Fort Pierce Inlet in Fort Pierce, Florida. At one point a big shark nearly attacks a smaller shark right next to a surfer.

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