South Carolina Septembers

We’re getting there! Fall is slowly approaching-albeit you wouldn’t know it with the heat.

Yet the days are getting shorter and fishing will steadily improve if history and Charles Darwin taught us anything.

Less people on the water is also a huge bonus this time of year. There is a ton to fish for in September!

(Man, I hope my wife and kids don’t read this)

Tides are getting bigger with more frequency and high tide redfish are my personal top priority (Man, I hope my wife and kids don’t read this).

Flies should mimic crabs or shrimp and those that contain rabbit or marabou feathers usually get the nod.

Top water poppers and gurglers also work well in the flood tide grass flats (make sure your up to date on your physicals- a top water redfish will test the ol’ ticker).

Try to limit the movement of flies if the situation will result in you “attacking” the fish with your fly.

Just let them know it’s there, and let them eat. Sturdy weed guards should be standard.

Deer season and football rivalries are to thank for the weekend pressure being lessened, but it’s the shortening days we can thank for the better fishing.

Nights will start to get gradually cooler and all fish will put on the feedbag

Nights will start to get gradually cooler and all fish will put on the feedbag to get ready for the abundance of bait to migrate south.

Survival dictates eat as much as you can before it’s over. It’s not only in saltwater, largemouth bass will move to shallower water with the cooler temps.

Shallower is always better with a fly rod, at least if you want to sight fish.

Towards the end of the month we should see increased numbers of false albacore nearshore.

They are a fly fishers favorite, the finned rockets will test any anglers tackle and savvy, 8wts should be fine (they run a tad small here) but a 10wt is better.

Small flies like clousers, mushmouths or surf candies work well, scissors are the best item I bring albie fishing.

They are very much “match the hatch” oriented and generally flies are too large and get rejected…even in an all-out blitz.

Cut it in half at an angle and recast…generally works and way faster than trying to re-tie in a panic.

Enjoy the weather, fish more, be courteous, and above all have as much fun as humanly possible.

Scotty Davis | Lowcountry Fly Shop |

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