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    Choosing Right Fly Fishing Sunglasses

    The most important thing when sight fishing to any species of fish is to be able to see the fish clearly.


    Fishing the Mayfly Hatch for Quality Bass in Early Summer

    One of the most overlooked patterns by Bass Anglers in early summer is the “Mayfly Hatch” On lakes and rivers in the Mid South, such as Kentucky Lake, Guntersville,...

    saltwater fly fishing

    Saltwater Fly Fishing

    Many people are astonished when they hear someone mention fly fishing in saltwater. They shouldn’t be because fly fishing our oceans and sounds is a growing sport.


    Fly Of The Month: Garners Twisted Whistler

    This fly was designed for river stripers but will catch trophy-sized spotted and largemouth bass as well, and probably any species fresh or salt that likes to eat wounded...


    The Line Between Life and Death: Fly Fishing from Kayaks

    Paddle fishing is a term covering a large number of angling styles. Among these styles is the challenge of fly fishing from a kayak.


    Understanding Fly Lines – Part 1: Nomenclature

    When I first started fly fishing, my first fly line came as part of a package. The young man at the fly shop agreed to include the fly line...

    Blue High- Tied Tarpon Streamer – Nothing more than bucktail and a hook. Rather old- school, but
I still keep a few in my box.

    The Next Greatest Tarpon Fly?

    I ventured in to fly fishing armed only with a rod made by myself, a Pflueger Medalist (back when they were still made in the USofA) fly reel, and...


    What Are Wooly Boogers Made Of?

    On a recent trout fishing trip with a few friends from different countries, the usual discussion over lunch was, ' What are they hitting on?'