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Fishing the Everglades

I hope everyone is off to a good start in 2017and getting out on the water. The last few weeks … January 28, 2017 405

What Can We Expect To Catch?

One of the questions I get most often is: “What can I expect to catch”?  The truth is that fishing … January 28, 2017 454

Fishing Forecast

February is a tough month for some fishing, but, some fishing can be great. Evening tarpon fishing is easy and … January 28, 2017 264

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Fishing Tips and More

Gramp’s Cramps By Cliff Kunde

Glory Hole continued  As we progress in this lifetime, more and more memories surface at the oddest times. The other … March 1, 2017

Expert Fishing Tips

Mini Slammer Circle hook rig Squidnation just came out with the Mini Slammer lure, which is a new mini chugger … March 1, 2017

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Arrecifes Coralinos

Por Andres Rodrigues Un arrecife coralino, arrecife  de coral, o coral reef, es un ecosistema marino muy complejo, conformado por … January 28, 2017 101

Events & Tournaments

West End International Boat Races

WEST END, BAHAMAS Event organizers are planning for the inaugural West End International race day April 22 and 23 at … March 27, 2017 7

2017 Yamaha Contender Miami Sportfish Tournament

Proceeds Go to Marine Conservation, Education and Scholarships May 4th and 6th, at the Miami Beach Marina. “The most exciting … March 1, 2017 42

Catch and Cook

Shrimp Francese

January 27, 2017 100

Venison Backstrap

January 4, 2017 191

Spicy Veracruz Style Grouper

January 4, 2017 181

Fish and Wildlife Conservation

Just For Laughs


Anthony from the Lamar Loius Curry Middle School Fishing Club catches a 33 inch snook
Bottom fish with grandpa and Capt. Bouncer Smith
Fishing with Capt. Bouncer and his crew
Kyler Kim, 8 years old, with a 5 lbs large mouth bass
Alex Torbert and his 31 inch Redfish at Everglades National Park fishing with Capt. Dominick Dulavich
Capt. Joey Cabrera with SouthWater Guide Service
Fishing in Miami’s Biscayne Bay with Capt. Raul Montoro
A good day deepsea fishing with Capt. Orlando Muniz
Great catch with Capt. Orlando Muniz
On the boat with Capt. Raul Montoro
Mark & Capt. Joey Cabrera
Tyler Erickson with a wahoo caught in Freeport, Bahamas