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US Coast Guard

The Coast Guard is the principal Federal agency responsible for maritime safety, security, and environmental stewardship in U.S. ports and … April 1, 2017 35

Winter Fishing In Miami’s Biscayne Bay

Late January and February are the coldest months for us in Miami, Florida. There are going to be days of … March 1, 2017 475

March Is My Favorite Time For Fishing!

Inshore we will see lots of tarpon eating shrimp and pinfish or flies and soft plastics. Trout will be thick … March 1, 2017 488

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Youth Fishing Tips

Several times a year my dad takes my sister (Gabie) and I fishing on one of the large fishing boats … April 1, 2017

That Flip Flop Thing

“That Flip Flop Thing” is a new teaser made by Squidnation. It is a squid chain depicting a critter scattering … April 1, 2017

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Los Grandes Depredadores Del Mar

-Por Andrés Rodriguez © De modo estricto y científico, el término depredador debe emplearse para todo organismo vivo que se … March 1, 2017 79

Catch and Cook

Orange Siracha Shrimp

April 1, 2017 53

Shrimp Francese

January 27, 2017 133

Venison Backstrap

January 4, 2017 222

Fish and Wildlife Conservation

Just For Laughs


Anthony from the Lamar Loius Curry Middle School Fishing Club catches a 33 inch snook
Bottom fish with grandpa and Capt. Bouncer Smith
Fishing with Capt. Bouncer and his crew
Kyler Kim, 8 years old, with a 5 lbs large mouth bass
Alex Torbert and his 31 inch Redfish at Everglades National Park fishing with Capt. Dominick Dulavich
Capt. Joey Cabrera with SouthWater Guide Service
Fishing in Miami’s Biscayne Bay with Capt. Raul Montoro
A good day deepsea fishing with Capt. Orlando Muniz
Great catch with Capt. Orlando Muniz
On the boat with Capt. Raul Montoro
Mark & Capt. Joey Cabrera
Tyler Erickson with a wahoo caught in Freeport, Bahamas