Charleston’s July Fishing Forecast By Capt. Mark Phelps

The inshore July fishing forecast for Charleston means two things. Hot and Hot. The Charleston area will have hot weather and hot fishing action this month.

July can see temperatures well into the 90’s during the mid part of the day but the early morning and late evening can be very nice.

The cool thing about inshore fishing in July is the variety of fish available this month. Almost every species we can catch in a calendar year is available in the month of July.

The standard inshore slam of redfish, sea trout, and flounder can be caught almost any given day. You will also have the opportunity to find many of the migrating species that inhabit the Charleston area in the summer months.

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Many schooling species like Spanish mackerel, blues, ladyfish can be found crashing bait in the mornings.

In July there will be some larger species like jacks, tarpon, cobia, and several types of sharks around. If you’re looking to do some bottom fishing for pan fish you can find pompano, whiting, croaker, sheepshead, and spade fish.

Getting an over slot red fish on top water bait is very exciting and better than any cup of coffee

The hardest thing about July in Charleston is deciding what type of fishing to do. If you get out at daylight a great option is throwing top water bait for trout and red fish.

In July early in the morning red fish and trout are just looking to get one big meal that will get them through the day. A Zara spook “walk the dog” type of top water bait is hard to beat.

Getting an over slot red fish on top water bait is very exciting and better than any cup of coffee.

You can also head out in the harbor, inlets, jetties, or just off the beach and look for birds and schools of fish busting on glass minnows.

You may find Spanish mackerel jumping out of the water waiting for you to cast a lure or fly in the school.

If it’s something bigger you’re looking for, in July you can look for large jacks in the Charleston harbor while they cruise the surface.

However, you may want to try for the occasional “Silver King”- a giant tarpon. There will always be several kinds of sharks in July.

Fishing with live bait and some heavy tackle will do the trick. Either way you will find yourself hooked to something that will scream the drag on your reel.

A great way to spend the day on the water is to book one of the area’s great guides.

Having fished in Charleston for almost twenty four years, I am extremely knowledgeable and experienced in this area.

As owner and operator of Shore Thang Charters, I would love to share my expertise with you on the water.

Captain Mark Phelps / Shore Thang Charters



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