Charleston’s October Fishing Forecast By Capt. Mark Phelps

There are a lot of great activities to enjoy in the low country in October. Eating fresh local oysters and shrimp is great, but if you like fishing, you must go for the redfish and sea trout—October is the best month for these two local species.

October is “crunch” time for Charleston redfish. October brings cooler weather, less humidity and great fishing. This begins the official start of the fall feeding frenzies.

The cooler water has all the mullet and shrimp thinking about migrating to the ocean for the winter. That means the bait will be in great numbers and on the move.

This causes redfish and sea trout as well as flounder to eat more and more often each day. Not only is the weather nice enough to stay out fishing all day in October, but also the fish seem to feed all day.

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Redfish will start forming into schools working the bait as they try to escape. You can find redfish by watching the gulls that hover over the redfish schools hoping for an easy meal.  The redfish will bunch up the bait and attack at will.

During this time the bait will jump out of the water and the gulls will dive into the water for an easy meal. When the redfish are in this kind of frenzy they will eat almost anything you put in their face.

Of course a live finger mullet or shrimp will get eaten; however, I love to throw artificial lures and flies during October. Top water lures, DOA Shrimp or jerk baits work excellently for this. Any flies that imitate a shrimp or gold flash work well also.

The sea trout and flounder will not be as visual as the redfish but eat aggressively and often as well.

I love to throw artificial lures and flies during October

The sea trout can be found on most current rips and breaks in 4-6 feet of water. Sometimes they will eat a DOA Shrimp as fast as you can throw it in. I like to drift a DOA Shrimp about 2 feet under a popping cork to find the fish the best.

In October flounder will be found in good numbers as well. Look for edges of mud flats or sand bars. Flounder will also migrate off shore in the winter so look for them to be on the move to the inlets by the end of the month.

October is possibly one of the best months of the year to fish inshore. The weather and fishing are great along with some great local seafood for dinner.

A great way to spend the day on the water is to book one of the area’s great guides.  Having fished in Charleston for almost twenty four years, I am extremely knowledgeable and experienced in this area.

As owner and operator of Shore Thang Charters, I would love to share my expertise with you on the water.

Captain Mark Phelps / Shore Thang Charters



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