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The Roll Cast

There are so many different areas we can focus on to improve our chances of having a successful day on the river. One of the most important areas is casting and the ability to adapt to different situations. One casting technique, that is a must for your arsenal, is the roll cast.

Essential Parts of the Fly Cast

How did you learn to fly cast? Most of us, myself included, either had a rod around the house or bought one and then gave it a shot.

The Casting Corner

You don’t need all of the latest gear and fancy equipment to be a successful fly fisherman. It actually takes very little to get started but it’s addictive.

Learning to Fly: An Introduction

As anglers, we are always looking to challenge ourselves when in search of our finned quarry. With traditional spinning gear, …

Casting Prep for Fly Fishing Adventures

Typical casting requirements on a stream or pond can be pretty easy. Distance is not much of a factor. Often you can wade closer or maneuver the boat. Stream fish typically hold in lies and you can repeatedly work your fly to them.

The Two Handed Strip

In saltwater fly-fishing there are many situations where the fly needs move as quickly as possible through the water to spark the interest of a game fish.

Fly Spotlight

Fly of the Month May

Contributed by Alpharetta Outfitters Somethin’ Different Inspired by the traditional Clouser and Henry Cowen’s Something Else, Michael Bowen has had …

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