Folly Beach to Edisto Island Fishing Report For April – Capt John Ward

April is here and Spring has sprung, with longer days and daylight brings life into our waters!

Hopefully we are done with any of the major cold fronts from February and March and our water will steadily climb and bring more seasonal species into our nearshore and inshore waters.

With water temperatures staying in the 60’s our year round species have been more aggressive to bite and on the move instead of staying put in tight schooling trying to stay warm and not get eaten by bottlenose dolphins.

The trout have started to move in towards shallower waters along the banks and points, and the redfish are busting up from huge schools and moving off the flats and hidden back creeks and moving around more into more open waters.

April is a big transition month inshore and the fish are not always in their winter and summer patterns where they are in exact spot most of the time doing the exact same thing everyday, the fishing is a little more unpredictable and on the move chasing the new influx of bait exploding back into our coastal waters.

During April our redfish catch numbers have been decreasing since the huge schools are starting to break up, but our variety of species that we are catching per trip are going way up with : ladyfish, jacks, flounder, sharks, and many other species moving back into the inshore waters with the warming water temp and massive bait explosion.

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The nearshore reef fishing has been good with the sheepshead and large flounder doing really well, plus we are starting to see a lot of life on the surface with school of Spanish Mackerel and bluefish.

We are still about a month shy of the cobia beginning to show up and about 2 months for the tarpon arrival, but come on summer!

Glad to see a majority of our local anglers starting to release our larger trout and flounder to help our future fisheries situation.

Tight lines and remember to take a kid fishing to insure the future of outdoors for the next generation.

Tight lines, Captain John Ward

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