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Prospec Electronics

Mar 1st, 2019

Mac-Cap Lighting

Nov 1st, 2018

Product Spotlight: Interlux Micron WA Boat Paint

Introducing Interlux Micron WA Boat Paint! Micron WA (Water-Activated) is the newest addition to the AkzoNobel’s Interlux industry leading Micron …
boat bully

Boat Bully – Three-In-One Boat Sponge

Are you overwhelmed by the multitude of tools and often-dangerous chemicals it takes to clean your boat? Enter the game-changer: Boat Bully!
Mercury Marine Motor

Mercury 4.5L 250hp sterndrive engine wins IBEX Innovation Award

Mercury Marine’s new 4.5-liter 250hp sterndrive engine, designed and purpose-built by Mercury for marine use, was named the top innovative …

Mercury Enertia ECO Propeller Is Fuel Efficient

Mercury’s Enertia ECO propeller, launched earlier this year, is uniquely designed to increase fuel economy. It is the first of its kind, creating a new propeller market segment.

CoverAlls- Protect Your Stuff

How many companies have made promises and failed to keep them? When a company states something in their advertising, we believe that is a promise to the customer. If that claim is not kept, the company making the claim has misled you. When CoverAlls makes claims in our ads, we intend to ALWAYS stand behind what we say, be it claims about our products, warranty, our service, or anything else.

The Origin Of The BirdNix Diamond Light

The BirdNix discovery came from, believe it or not, a disco ball! We were invited to a holiday party, and the hosts asked if they could borrow a disco ball. I loaded up the disco ball, motor and some lights and we danced the night away. After a night of holiday fun, we returned home late in the evening. I unloaded the car, and instead of storing the disco ball in its usual place, I hung it from a basket holder on our patio for safe keeping until morning.

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Charleston Offshore Fishing Forecast for MAY

It’s finally that time of year. The water is starting to warm up and the dolphin are coming through. The …

On The Water with FECOP

FECOP acquires Oceanography and Satellite Data Expert Dr. Marina Marrari PhD.  has joined the FECOP team to head a series …