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How many companies have made promises and failed to keep them? When a company states something in their advertising, we believe that is a promise to the customer. If that claim is not kept, the company making the claim has misled you. When CoverAlls makes claims in our ads, we intend to ALWAYS stand behind what we say, be it claims about our products, warranty, our service, or anything else.

The Origin Of The BirdNix Diamond Light

The BirdNix discovery came from, believe it or not, a disco ball! We were invited to a holiday party, and the hosts asked if they could borrow a disco ball. I loaded up the disco ball, motor and some lights and we danced the night away. After a night of holiday fun, we returned home late in the evening. I unloaded the car, and instead of storing the disco ball in its usual place, I hung it from a basket holder on our patio for safe keeping until morning.

Mercury’s New FourStrokes Are Quiet, Powerful and Fuel Efficient

Mercury Marine’s new 75, 90 and 115-hp FourStroke outboard engines offer the ultimate combination of power and thrust, unsurpassed fuel economy and extreme reliability. But what has boaters talking out loud—literally, is how quiet and smooth the engines are running. During a recent media event in Wisconsin, reporters from across the country were given the opportunity to test out the new engines, and the common theme was just how quietly the engines run.

Suzuki Wows The Crowd With Awesome New Outboards

In early June, Suzuki Marine brought together a top-tier group of marine media, boat builders and dealers to the prestigious Ocean Reef Club in Key Largo, Fla. for a fantastic event to introduce their outstanding new line-up of motors and display some impressive innovation in the outboard marketplace.

CoverAlls is back! With better-than-ever material and new inventory!

CoverAlls is once again the “go to” source for marine-grade boat covers that protect all sizes of consoles, leaning posts, and outboard engines. Even T-tops. Our covers are WATERPROOF—not just moisture resistant—UV proof, and reflect 90% of radiant heat.

Product Spotlight: StandToFish

When you’re more comfortable, you fish better. And if you fish from a traditional casting seat, you know the strain on your back and legs that comes from a long day balancing on a rocking deck with one foot running the trolling motor.

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