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Fort Myers Fishing Report: April 2016

Ah welcome to April in Florida. Warm waters means fish, lots of fish. Cobia, Snook, Redfish, Tarpon, Trout, Spanish mackerel, … Mar 29th, 2016

Fort Myers Fishing Report: March 2016

Advice and confidence; that is what a good tackle shop should have and I can say that is what we … Mar 1st, 2016

Fort Myers Fishing Report: Feb. 2016

Ah Love is in the air and the water. Pretty Spanish mackerel are dancing around the Harbor, and the Sheepshead … Jan 30th, 2016

Fort Myers Fishing Report: Jan. 2016

Howdy boys and girls of the wonderful fishin’ world. Here we are in a brand new year with so many fish to look forward to. I can’t help but say see-ya, good bye, farewell, glad you’re outta here 2015! 2015 was a strange year, we started out thinking the Redfish had left Charlotte Harbor and then in August we had more Reds than any year I can remember.Dec 30th, 2015

Fort Myers Fishing Report: Dec. 2015

December is the Holiday Season and a time for remembering the past, which brings me to the subject of antique fishing reels and all the questions I get about them. In the old days, pre-internet that is, determining what a reel, lure, or old rod was worth used to be simple to figure out. Nov 29th, 2015

Fort Myers Fishing Report: Nov. 2015

Good day my friends in the land of fish, a fine howdy do and now let’s get to the fish. At the beginning of this year people were saying there are no Redfish, aliens had abducted them and they were on their way to Alpha Centauri.Oct 26th, 2015

Fort Myers Fishing Report: Oct 2015

I wait all year to say this, "Red" October, and yes, I am a big Sean Connery fan. October is the month when the schools of 30 pound plus Red Fish come home to Charlotte Harbor. During this month you’ll find them on the sand bars in front of Bull Bay, Turtle Bay, Jug Creek Shoals, and across over to the burnt store on the east side from Pirate Harbor south to Two Pines. Through-out October you should be seeing massive Reds feeding along the sand bars. Sep 28th, 2015

Fort Myers Fishing Report: Sept. 2015

Hey boys & girls out there in the land of fish; the weather has not been great for going fishing but the fishing has gotten a lot better over the last couple of weeks when we can get out there. Aug 26th, 2015

Fort Myers Fishing Report: August 2015

August storms and hot weather go hand in hand. The thing is this year the Redfish are just plain wacky. … Jul 31st, 2015

Fort Myers Fishing Report: July 2015

Ahhh the warm breezes of July. Ok it was worth a shot, it’s hotter than heck out there and the … Jun 27th, 2015