Stand Up Paddleboard Reports

Standup Paddleboard: How to Choose Your First Paddle

By Chris Anders, Contributing Writer The paddle is an extension of your body which connects you to the water.  A lot … Feb 27th, 2020


Holiday Gifts with the Paddle Boarder in Mind By Chris Anders, Contributing Writer The holidays are here, and I have some … Dec 1st, 2019

SUP: Make Turning Your Board Effortless

By Chris Anders, Contributing Writer I see so many new paddlers struggle with turning their board and head in the … Oct 31st, 2019

SUP Serves Your New Year’s Resolution

By Chris Anders, Contributing Writer So it’s that time of year for resolutions and foreseeable failures of will and determination.   … Jan 1st, 2020

Standup Paddleboard: Oct. 2019

CrossFit + SUP = SUPXFIT By Chris Anders, , Contributing Writer If you think CrossFit is HOT, SUPXFIT is where it’s … Oct 1st, 2019


Make Your First SUP a Touring Board By Chris Anders, Contributing Writer Touring Boards are a must for every true … Sep 1st, 2019

STAND UP PADDLEBOARD: Give Your Paddleboard a Facelift

by Chris Anders, Contributing Writer So, when your board is getting a little older it tends to show some wear, such … Jul 1st, 2019

SUP: Full Moon Paddleboarding Do’s & Don’ts

by Chris Anders, Contributing Writer   Paddle boarding under a full moon has become widely popular by all paddle board … Aug 1st, 2019

Stand Up Paddleboarding: June 2019

Fishing’ and SUP’n by Chris Anders, Contributing Writer   Let’s go fishing!  Often when you are out paddling you see lots … Jun 1st, 2019

Local Fishing Reports

Fishing the Palm Beaches with Darcizzle

Fishing the Palm Beaches with Darcizzle January 2022      Happy New Year Anglers! Start off the New Year right … Jan 13th, 2022

Road Trip Fishing January 2022

Sight Casted     The night before, select your favorite baits, weighted hooks, jig heads, rods, and reels. Set them … Jan 13th, 2022

Palm Beach In & Offshore January 2022

Welcome to the Palm Beach fishing report for January. Expect schools of baitfish to be moving south, away from the … Jan 13th, 2022

South County Inshore & Freshwater January 2022

Happy New Year everyone! I hope it’s getting off to a great start, and here is your fishing forecast for … Jan 13th, 2022

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