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Get Out and Paddle!

Paddling up the “Crack” in Your Kayak…Exploring Florida’s Nature Coast By John Wakeman The “Nature Coast” is only 200 miles … May 16th, 2013

Get Out and Paddle! Exploring the Mosquito Lagoon in your kayak.

I know what you are thinking….exploring the Mosquito Lagoon… break out the industrial strength DEET insect repellent and grab your … Apr 3rd, 2013

Get Out and Paddle! Paddling and Paleontology.

By John Wakeman Why not combine a paddle down a lazy river with a scientific scavenger hunt for fossil shark … Mar 4th, 2013

Kayak Fishing With the Pro’s

PRESS RELEASE—STUART, FLA— You can’t take a professional angler with you every time you go kayak fishing, but you can … Mar 3rd, 2013

Kayak Fishing: So you want to catch a “gator” trout?

By Dee Kaminski Call them spotted sea trout, specks, or “gator” trout. These beautiful fish with colorful spots, egg yellow … Jan 2nd, 2013

Pure Paddling: The Sea is Calling You; Are You Ready to Answer?

By Kayaking Salt Jack Roberts Whenever local kayakers get together to hang out and tell war stories, someone, usually someone … Dec 5th, 2012