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Kayak Fishing Report and Forecast: July 2017

Chasing snook and tarpon along the beach is also great during this month. July 1, 2017

Capitalizing on those summer drifts offshore in the kayak

One of the coolest things about Florida is how easy it is to access water. Not just any water though. Water that’s classified as the sail fishing capital, and water that’s world renown for tarpon fishing. June 22, 2017

Kayak Fishing Report and Forecast: June 2017

Fishing offshore in June means calm seas and hot sun. Blackfin tuna will become more consistent on the jig. May 31, 2017

Fishing: Raise Your Ceiling

If anglers don’t learn something new on each and every outing, they’re doing it wrong, and lowering their ceiling for success.May 2, 2017

Kayak Fishing Report and Forecast: May 2017

In May, mahi will be in larger numbers and closer to shore. Kingfish will be making their way to their spring/summer areas off of our coast.April 27, 2017

Battling Red Snapper to the Kayak

Red snapper are plentiful and within easy kayak range along the Gulf coast of Florida. We have the best near shore fishing for this highly sought saltwater reef species. They are excellent table fare. Red snapper are extremely strong and once hooked very determined to take you back into the reef.April 9, 2017