Lake Okeechobee: Sept. 2020

The catch rates vary daily according to the amount of sunlight; some days 15 bass can be caught during that early morning bite and then other days 25 to 30 will fall prey to the spinnerbait.

Lake Okeechobee: Aug. 2020

Lake Okeechobee continues to churn out great catches of bass, for those anglers who get on the water at first light.

Lake Okeechobee: January 2020

During the winter months, no other bait accounts for the catching of more bass and big bass on Lake Okeechobee than a wild golden shiner.

Lake Okeechobee, North: January 2018

As we approached December’s full moon, the large bass made their presence known, when anglers caught bass to 9.8-pounds along with numerous other fish in the 7- to 8-pound class.

Lake Okeechobee, South: January 2018

Great numbers of big bass are beginning to make their way in off the main lake fast and hard.