Lake Okeechobee: April 2021

Speck (crappie) anglers are having a banner year on Okeechobee...

Lake Okeechobee: March 2021

Local Lake Okeechobee guides are reporting catching 35 to 45 bass per trip. Big bass are in the mix daily, 7- to 10-pound bass are falling prey to wild shiners daily.

Lake Okeechobee: Jan 2021

Speckled perch are being caught lake wide; large bass are making their presence known...

Lake Okeechobee: Dec. 2020

All the bass in the lake are in a feeding frenzy as they eat to prepare for the long spawning season.

Lake Okeechobee: Nov. 2020

November is prime time for great shiner fishing; no other bait draws the interest and the eye of a big bass like a live wild golden shiner.