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Kayak Forecast: May 2022

May starts the run of bigger blackfin tuna off our coast. It is common to find 20-to-30 pounders. May 4th, 2022

Flyfishing Corner

The Norwegian Invasion

Their all-time favorite is shark fishing! To see these Norwegian kids fighting these sharks is just awesome and their excitement takes it all. May 4th, 2022


Report Horseshoe Crab Sightings to FWC for Science

House Bill 349 is a so-called “seagrass mitigation bill” which in practice further opens the door to more seagrass decline in the Indian River Lagoon. If passed into law, it gives coastal developers a big fat hall pass to continue doing business as usual, seagrass be damned.Apr 5th, 2022


Bottom Fishing for Big Grouper

In this fishing video, Darcizzle Offshore takes you bottom fishing with Stuart based Capt. Pat Price and Daymaker Charters out …

How to Catch Mahi-Mahi

Mahi fishing can be tricky in some places and times of year. They congregate under floating material adrift in the …

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How to Pick the Right Speargun Length

The biggest factor in picking your speargun should be normal visibility in your dive location

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