Recap: 2022 Saltwater Flyfishing Bootcamp

By Capt. Michael Mauri

What a great experience and what a good time! We just wrapped up three Saltwater Flyfishing Bootcamps here in beautiful Stuart, Fla. Our attendees came from all over the US and were very excited to get a winter break even though our weather was very windy and kind of cold.
Each bootcamp started with a four-hour theory session where we talked about all and everything from the right equipment, how to choose the right location and fly fishing tactics and techniques.

The following three days were very intense with tons of fly casting (serving all levels). Hands-on fly-fishing tactics and techniques training from flats, inshore to near shore.

Casting made up a big portion of everyday practice and it was amazing to see how all of my students improved and became better casters. They learned single and double hauling and got their rod handling and fly line management dialed in. Strip setting, and how to apply pressure on the fish while fighting it was another piece of the puzzle that everyone practiced and learned quick.

We spent every day on and in the water so that each student could adapt to the different conditions. Hands on training while fly fishing was the most important part (other than casting) when I came up with this program and it worked! Great to see their passion and excitement fishing our waters, catching and releasing our fish strong.

Despite the weather not being on our side (cold and windy), they all caught fish and enjoyed the great fishing to be found on the Treasure Coast.

Each Saltwater Flyfishing Bootcamp ran three and a half days (28 hours) and gave us more than enough time to take care of everything for everyone. No questions left!

The Fly Fishing Column is written by Capt. Michael Mauri,,, (772) 485-3321.