Fort Pierce Offshore: May 2021

May is here and this is a very exciting time for us mahi-mahi and grouper fisherman!May 2nd, 2021

Indian River Lagoon: May 2021

Indian River snook fishing will be good in May, with night or early morning being the best times to fish inlets, bridges seawalls and docks.May 2nd, 2021

Fort Pierce Inshore: April 2021

Look for a good snapper bite along the channel edges around the full moon...Apr 7th, 2021

Fort Pierce Deep Sea: April 2021

Mahi, mutton, and mangroves are swimming along our shores, looking for a few good anglers to tangle with.Apr 7th, 2021

Fort Pierce Offshore: April 2021

The king fishing is starting to get red hot in 60-to-80 foot of water...Apr 7th, 2021

Indian River Lagoon: April 2021

Snook fishing will continue to be good around inlets, bridges and sea walls. You have a good chance at catching a slot fish. Apr 7th, 2021