Fort Pierce Inshore: July 2022

This is time to start looking for large mutton snapper in shallows off the beach. Anchor just off the first reef in 15-to-30 feet of water. Jul 6th, 2022

Fort Pierce Deep Sea: July 2022

Regular snapper fishing will be on fire! Mutton and the gray snappers are in their prime and will be big— really BIG! Jul 6th, 2022

Fort Pierce Offshore: July 2022

Offshore in the 120-to-180 foot of water range there is a great population of red snapper to be caught around the artificial wrecks and on some rock areas to the north of the Fort Pierce Inlet. Jul 6th, 2022

Fort Pierce Inshore-Nearshore: June 2022

Summer has arrived on the Treasure Coast. Expect hot days ahead! It is a time to get out early or … Jun 1st, 2022

Fort Pierce Deep Sea: June 2022

School’s out, lines in! While the children say goodbye to school for summer break, our favorite fish species will be … Jun 1st, 2022

Fort Pierce Offshore: June 2022

The seas are finally starting to calm down and that means summer fishing is here! This is my favorite time … Jun 1st, 2022