Fort Pierce Inshore-Nearshore: June 2022

Summer has arrived on the Treasure Coast. Expect hot days ahead! It is a time to get out early or late in the day and avoid the afternoon heat. Winds will be calmer and water temperatures will be in the mid-80s to the 90s most days. June is always one of my favorite months to enjoy the fishing in the area.

By this time the tarpon should be in all their primary haunts for the summer.  Big Mud, the Turning Basin, and out on the beach are all good areas to look for these gladiators. D.O.A. TerrorEyz and Bait Busters are some of the more popular lure choices for tarpon.  Natural baits like mullet, crabs, or ladyfish can get those finicky fish to eat when the lures aren’t working.

Snook are another summertime favorite. Since the season closed on the first of the month, we try to handle them as little as possible. Releasing them without netting or even removing them from the water will help the fish tremendously. On the inside, the deeper water around the bridges and inlet will hold good numbers of fish. On foot, walking the beach is another great way to target summertime snook.  A four-inch D.O.A. C.A.L. or a MirrOdine are great lures to use while sight casting to snook that are out on the beach.

King mackerel are another target during the summer months.  Slow or bump trolling live baits around the bait pods in 30-40 feet of water is a good way to target them. There is no mistaking the blistering runs these fish are capable of when you hook up to a smoker king.  More often than not, these fish are hooked on the side of the face or in their body rather than their mouth when using stinger rigs.  Fight them with the drag looser than normal to avoid tearing the hook from the fish.

FORECAST BY: Capt. Adam White
(609) 820-6257

Nice action shot of a tarpon that ate a live crab. Photo credit: Capt. Adam White