From the Shore: Sept. 2020

September and October are normally some of the most insane months of fishing. Sep 2nd, 2020

Stuart Inshore – Nearshore: Sept. 2020

September is a big month for the "mullet run" as these 4- to 8-inch baitfish start to show up along the beaches as they migrate south from the Carolinas.Sep 2nd, 2020
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Stuart Deep Sea: Sept. 2020

Vermilion snapper will continue to be found in good numbers this month...Sep 2nd, 2020

Stuart Offshore: Sept. 2020

The big news this month is the mullet run. I’ve lived here for 35 years and you can set your watch to it.Sep 2nd, 2020

Land-Based: Aug. 2020

"Matching the hatch" is a fishing term for using what is there at the time. Some days here on the Treasure Coast there will be minnows, some days greenies and then later into the summer and fall there will be finger mullet. Jul 28th, 2020

Stuart Inshore: Aug. 2020

Your best chance to find tarpon feeding on schools of minnows is usually early morning 5:30 a.m. to 7:00 a.m. As the mullet run continues, the mullet will move inshore cruising back in the St. Lucie and Indian Rivers. Jul 28th, 2020