Shoreline/Bridges: July 2021

Nighttime fishing around the bridges and jetties for flounder, snapper and grouper will be something I try to focus on this month. These fish will follow the migration pattern of baby turtles. Jul 5th, 2021

Stuart Inshore: July 2021

Some big tarpon can be found rolling in the Indian River early morning and are best caught freelining with 8–10-inch silver mullet on a 7/0 circle hook. These tarpon can also be found rolling along the beach north or south of the St. Lucie Inlet. Jul 5th, 2021

Deep Sea: July 2021

The ocean’s all-star roster of fish adversaries will include bottom species like snapper, grouper and amberjack, along with summertime surface pelagics like mahi, king mackerel, and sailfish, just to name a few. Jul 5th, 2021

Land/Bridges: June 2021

This month, there will be more bait showing up. I like walking the beach and bringing a good assortment of lures. Some days there will be Spanish mackerel, other days there will be six-foot tarpon.Jul 5th, 2021

Stuart Inshore: June 2021

June is a great time to simply cruise the coast 50-to-200 yards from shore to find bait getting attacked, rolling tarpon, sharks, and big jacks. Jul 5th, 2021

Stuart Deep Sea: June 2021

The days of June will offer a sun-toasted backdrop for grocery getting fisherman who fish the entire water column in the near coastal waters of the Treasure Coast.Jul 5th, 2021