Kayak Forecast: April 2021

April is one of the best months of the year for kayak fishing! Big kingfish will start to make their way up the coast. Tuna and mahi should also be starting to show up in full force...Apr 7th, 2021

Kayak Forecast: March 2021

The pompano fishing will continue to be good, dolphin and sailfish have been the main targets fishing Jupiter to Boynton Beach, and peacock bass will continue to be schooled in the Lake Ida chain.Mar 9th, 2021

Kayak Forecast: Feb. 2021

Inshore, pompano will remain the prize target this month. Offshore, sailfish, kingfish and mahi will be in the mix. Freshwater, peacock bass, clown knifefish and bigger largemouth bass will remain steady.Feb 1st, 2021

Kayak Forecast: Jan 2021

Kayak fishing in January: inshore, pompano, bluefish and Spanish mackerel become more of the focus. Offshore, this is one of the best months to target sailfish.Jan 10th, 2021