Kayak Forecast: March 2022

Justin with a blacktip shark. Photo credit: Extreme Kayak Sailfish Tournament.


Look for the glass minnow schools to get on some seatrout and snook. The spring mullet run should push more bait into the river this month and really get the bite going. The pompano fishing is getting even better fishing channel edges in the Intracostal. Live shrimp and Goofy jigs are the ticket to putting these guys on ice. Water temps have cooled so fishing later in the day will be good around mangrove shorelines. These areas will hold fish trying to warm up. Right now using a D.O.A. shad tail or MirrOlure MirrOdine are best bets. Sharks are on the flats near the inlets. Grab your favorite cut bait and wore rig for some blacktips and spinners.

Brian Nelli with a tournament winning sailfish. Photo credit: Extreme Kayak Sailfish Tournament.


Offshore is about to heat up in the next month. Right now, the dolphin bite has been good as well as some spotty cobia reports down the coast.  As usual using live baits such as goggle eyes and pilchards will be your best bet for dolphin and a cruising cobia. Bigger concentrations of cobia can be found bouncing the bottom of the live reef in 60-to-80 feet.  Try using a D.O.A. swimming mullet or a three-ounce buck tail jig tipped with a sardine.

Larry with a double of peacock bass. Photo credit: Extreme Kayak Sailfish Tournament.


Cold fronts have pushed the water temps down quite a bit the last month. Peacocks will be a little sluggish but still biting. Focus on deeper holes during the cold days and docks and bridges when the sun is high and warm. Clown knifefish don’t seem to mind the cold as much and can be found in the deeper areas as well using live shiners or shad.

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FORECAST BY: Brian Nelli