Fort Pierce Deep Sea: June 2022

School’s out, lines in!

While the children say goodbye to school for summer break, our favorite fish species will be summer schooling throughout June!

So, take a kid fishing! Summertime seas are calm and inviting making it the perfect time to take your favorite junior angler out for a deep-sea adventure. Experience the freedom of the open seas, convey years of fishing tales and wisdom, and reel in the BIG one!

First on the list are mutton and gray snappers, which will be fat and hungry for some reel-education before they chill out in the icy fish boxes. Grouper season is in full session, and these grumpy reef-bullies are looking for a good fight. The best way to school these brutes is with a live minnow on a hook!

Once the surface temperatures begin to rise, we recommend fishing a bit deeper or look for thermoclines of in the water column. Structures and ledges between 70 to 90 feet of water are good places to drop down. Be prepared to tug against some prehistoric looking groupers, as these bullies easily weigh into the double digits. Beef up your arsenal with higher test line, heavy leader and a rod and reel combo that can reel in a sea monster!

For the more ambitious fishermen and women, we recommend taking advantage of the nighttime bite. The Shock Leader will be hitting the same honey-holes in 70 to 90 feet, fishing for snapper, grouper with chance encounters of a nocturnal mahi or cobia. Not only is fishing under the stars an amazing experience, but these excursions usually yield phenomenal catches.

Before you go, don’t forget to pack your sunshine defenses, and keep an eye out for June’s notorious afternoon thunderstorms.

Check out our social media posts for the latest catches, and we look forward to seeing you aboard the Shock Leader in June!

Tight lines and good vibes!

FORECAST BY: Capt. Cole Hazellief and Crew
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2. Beat the heat and score the meat by taking advantage of the nighttime snapper bite. Photo credit: Shock Leader Charters.
1. Take those kids fishing! Kids won’t remember their best day of T.V. Photo credit: Shock Leader Charters.