Kayak Forecast: Sept. 2021


Snook should start to push back into the rivers and lagoon this month. Look to fish bridges along their path as they will use them as stopping points. Topwater plugs, like a Spook, early in the day and then try a D.O.A. TerrorEyz later on. The mullet run should kick off mid-month. Working those same lures along the edges of the schools should get you a bite. Pods of bait will be on the beach as well as getting pushed into the rivers and lagoon.


Kingfish and sailfish will be the most common catches for September. Live bait like goggle eyes and blue runners will work well. Slow troll these baits from 80-to-180 foot using a standard wire kingfish rig or 6/0 circle hook. There may be a few tuna around if looking to vertical jig. Keep moving to different depths to find which seems to be holding them. Start in 200 foot and don’t be afraid to search to 500 foot.

FORECAST BY: Brian Nelli
(772) 201-5899

Garett with a nice kingfish. Photo credit: Brian Nelli.