Where Can I Fish in Charleston, South Carolina, Without a Boat?

Focus On Fishing | Jiggin Jerry | October 2021

Anglers can have a great time fishing from a boat in Charleston, South Carolina. There are plenty of rivers, flats and other bodies of water that anglers can find and chase down fish.

But there are a lot of anglers that do not have access to a boat or own one.

For those that do have a boat, they just don’t have time to hook the boat up to their vehicle, find a location, put the boat in the water, park their truck, go fishing, head back to the boat landing or ramp, back the truck back down and load the boat.

They also have to go through all the other maintenance procedures necessary to make sure that the boat is clean and will be in good working order for the next trip.

Wow! That sounded tiring! I didn’t mean to make taking a boat out sound discouraging, but to some, after a hard week of work, it does seem discouraging.

At times the angler just wants to go fishing—either off a bank or on a pier or in the surf. But let’s not forget Charleston’s tourists.

There are a lot of tourists that come to visit Charleston that love to fish, but of course, after flying all the way here or driving, most of them certainly did not bring a boat with them, and they are just looking for public locations to fish from.

This information is not easy to find for most people.

Yes, people grab their smart phone and run a Google search for ponds, lakes, piers, etc., and so many odd ball things pop up with advertisements.

YouTube videos, fishing forums, and of course, most of them are just looking for a simple list of locations without drama, without advertisements and without having to read between the lines.

So in this edition of Coastal Angler Magazine, I am going to give the readers a list of bank and pier fishing sites for Charleston County.

I hope this helps anglers find a location to have a great time fishing.

Locations to fish without a boat:

Breach Inlet Bridge – Located between Sullivan’s Island and Isle of Palms off State Road 703. Open year round. Inshore fishing.

Brittlebank Park Pier Located off West Lockwood Boulevard in Charleston; resides on the Ashley River. Inshore fishing.

Charleston Waterfront Park Located on Concord Street in downtown Charleston; resides on the Charleston Harbor. Inshore fishing.

Dawho Bridge Pier Located off Highway US 17, State Road 174 toward Edisto Beach; resides on Dawho River and Intracoastal Waterway. No fee. It has handicap access and is open year round. Inshore fishing.

Garris Landing Pier Located off Highway US 17, Road 584 to Road 1170; resides on the Intracoastal Waterway. It has a parking lot and is open for day use only. Inshore fishing.

James Island County Park Pier Located off Riverland Drive in James Island; resides on the Stono River, tidal creek; run by Charleston County Parks and Recreation and subject to park fees. Inshore fishing. The park also has two freshwater ponds that are fishable and have Blue Gill, Largemouth Bass and Catfish. Freshwater fishing

Mount Pleasant Pier Located under the Ravenel Bridge at 71 Harry Hallman Jr. Blvd. This is a pay pier; adults are $5.00 and children under 12 and adults 60+ are $3.00. Because it is a pay pier, no state fishing license is required. Inshore fishing.

Old Georgetown Road Pond Bank Located off Old Georgetown Road, S-10- 1335, about 28 miles from Mt. Pleasant.

Palmetto Islands County Park Fishing Pier Located in Mt. Pleasant, 444 Needle Rush Parkway, ran by Charleston County Parks and Recreation; the pier resides on Horlbeck Creek. The park charges $2.00 per person in vehicle. Inshore fishing.

Pitt Street Bridge Located at the end of Pitt Street in Mt. Pleasant; resides on the Intracoastal Waterway. It is open year round. Inshore fishing.

Remley’s Point Landing Fishing Pier Located just outside the Charleston Harbor off County Road 56, just north of US Highway 17 in Mt. Pleasant. It has handicap access. Inshore fishing.

Sol Legare Fishing Pier Located on Sol Legare Road in James Island; resides on the Stono River. It is open year round. Inshore fishing.

Sunrise Park Fishing Pier Located in Melton Peter Demetre Park on Wampler Drive in James Island; resides in the Charleston Harbor. It has benches, picnic pavilion, picnic tables and restrooms. Inshore fishing.

The Battery Located in downtown Charleston. It is the seawall at White Point Gardens, Murray Avenue. Seawall borders the Charleston Harbor. Open year round. Inshore Fishing.

Twin Ponds Bank Located off Willow Hall Road about 23 miles from Mt. Pleasant.

Willow Lake Bank Located off Willow Hall Road about 19 miles from Mt. Pleasant.

For further details, you can find this public information on South Carolina’s DNR website. Just run the search, “DNR bank and pier fishing access sites for Charleston County” and keep in mind that some of their locations may no longer be accessible to the public as they have been in the past.

Like I always say, good luck out there and have fun fishing!

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