• Sunglasses

      Largo SL209-CI-SBL
      September 15, 2014 Coastal Angler Magazine

      Salt Life Sport Optics

      Try on a pair of Salt Life Sport Optics sunglasses and you’ll immediately feel the quality of hand-made Italian frames. But glasses are only as good as their lenses, and Salt Life has cut no corners.

    • Tournament

      Wahoo Smackdown IV Tournament winners Team Ditch Digger with
Captain Manny Legakis and Tournament Director Chase Camacho. Photo Courtesy of the Bimini Big Game Club.
      September 14, 2014 Coastal Angler Magazine

      Fishing For A Piece of Bimini History, The Wahoo Smackdown Is Nov. 13-15

      Capt. Chase Camacho, who spent his early days cruising the legendary big tuna grounds off Montauk, N.Y., understands the thrill of Bimini, fishing the same waters that fueled the creative fire of Ernest Hemingway and spawned more than 50 international records and hundreds of big-game trophies.

    • Editorial

      September 14, 2014 Kevin McCarthy

      A Famous Florida Fisherman: Ernest Hemingway

      Key West had its 34th-annual Ernest Hemingway Look-Alike Contest at Sloppy Joe’s Bar on July 19 of this year. It is one of many events created to celebrate the birthday of one of Florida’s most famous fishermen/writers.

    • Freshwater Fishing

      September 14, 2014 Coastal Angler Magazine

      Spinner-Rigged Soft Plastics

      For pretty much every bass angler, the plastic worm is a mainstay. When it comes down to it, there may be no more effective, versatile lure on the market. Texas rigged, wacky-style, Carolina rigged, drop-shot, no matter the conditions there is a soft-plastic application that will catch bass.


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    • Offshore

      Wahoo caught 8-12-14-1
      September 13, 2014 Coastal Angler Magazine

      Darcizzle and the Elusive Wahoo

      Fishing has always been a passion of mine. I focus on offshore fishing, chasing pelagics for the ultimate adrenaline rush. I am an adrenaline junkie, and fishing offshore is a sport I have grown to love more after each fishing adventure.

    • Boating

      September 13, 2014 John Tiger


      As a young marine mechanic, I worked with an old salt who swore a good hull doesn’t need trim tabs. He was probably right about some hulls, but generally, adding trim tabs can make a good hull perform even better. Tabs give the skipper much more control as well as the ability to create...

    • Offshore

      Craig Cephas and JIm Ponzurick queen snapper Photo 1
      September 12, 2014 Coastal Angler Magazine

      Laid Back in Grand Cay, Abaco, Bahamas

      For those who have heard of Walker’s Cay, Bahamas over the years, much has changed since the hurricanes of 2004. The property damage was but a microcosm—what it did to the residents of Grand Cay was but an indicator of their resolve to recover and prosper.

    • Editorial

      Scott Brooks
      September 12, 2014 Coastal Angler Magazine

      Tie a Better Knot To Save Time, Money And Catch More Fish

      Iconic angler Larry Dalhberg once said, “I only need to know three knots: the Bimini twist, the uni-knot and the nail knot.” Well, regardless of the number of knots you think you need to know, let me share with you a couple of tips on how you can improve the ones you prefer.

    • Uncategorized

      smallBig Bend Reds 1
      September 11, 2014 Capt. Mike McNamara

      Redfish On Florida’s Big Bend

      The story of the Big Bend redfish starts on the quiet coastline south of Tallahassee between St. Marks and Keaton Beach, Fla. This area of Florida’s coast is mostly located inside the Big Bend Aquatic Preserve, and the northern end is inside the boundaries of the St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge. This amounts to...

    • Fishing Gear

      PhotoCourtesy-TroutSupport_com thmb
      September 11, 2014 Coastal Angler Magazine

      Time For A Fishing Gear Check

      It's September and still hot! It’s a great time to check all that cold weather fishing gear.

    • Southeast Fishing, Hunting & Conservation

      Tom Swatzel and his brother Tim at the Inlet Port Marina in 1979.
      September 10, 2014 Coastal Angler Magazine

      Marshview Marina in Murrells Inlet, S.C. A New Beginning in a Familiar Place

      Sometimes what’s old can become new again. That is the case with the new Marshview Marina in Murrells Inlet, S.C. The site in which Marshview Marina is located has a long and storied past with many folks referring to this location as Voyager’s View, which was the name of the restaurant that occupied the...

    • kayak fishing stories

      September 9, 2014 Stewart Venerables

      An Everglades Kayak Adventure

      Every man has his “unicorn.” The one seemingly unattainable dream, accomplishment or endeavor that has, does, and will continue to elude his grasp. When most people think about unicorns, they think of beautiful white horses running across vibrant green fields. For me, they always have some variation of silver, green or brown colors and...

    • Uncategorized

      September 9, 2014 Coastal Angler Magazine

      Fall Brings An Inshore Bonanza To South Carolina’s Lowcountry

      The South Carolina Lowcountry and its resort islands offer the kind of laid-back, Southern feel you’re looking for. The area includes the state’s four southern-most counties of Beaufort, Jasper, Hampton and Colleton, which sit tight on the Atlantic Ocean. The Lowcountry offers gorgeous beaches, marshes flush with wildlife and rich cultural and historic opportunities.

    • Fishing

      Beautiful woman fishing from paddle board
      September 9, 2014 Coastal Angler Magazine

      Lessons From The Ocean

      First and foremost, the ocean or body of water you paddle on is always in charge. The water commands your attention, has the upper hand and is lying in wait to humble you. I grew up in Cape Cod, Mass. We were surrounded by the ocean, bays and salt ponds. The salty air and...

    • Hunting

      Rites of Fall
      September 8, 2014 Kirk Watz

      The Rites of Fall

      I enjoy the change of season. The air and smells take on the slightest reflection of the winter to come. For lots of us it begins a ritual. In my house and countless homes across the Southeast, folks are getting prepared for hunting season. It doesn’t make any difference if you are a bow...

    • Freshwater Fishing

      September 8, 2014 Jake Bussolini

      Tennessee Stripers at the Fort Loudon Dam

      Most of us North Carolina anglers are used to catching stripers that range in weight from 5 to 8 pounds. Just a few hours west at the Fort Loudon Dam, which forms part of the Tennessee River system, you can catch 25 to 30 pound fish at the base of the dam this time...