A Note from the Publishers…

We continue to get calls from all over Rhode Island for subscriptions, and have recently started to get calls from store owners like Ed in West Marine’s Narragansett store. He had seen a copy at their sister store in East Greenwich and sought us out to add his store to the CAM RI distribution list. He gave us a great tour of the store last weekend (check out the new gear! From the new Penn reels to the hottest fishing kayaks, they have great stuff!) He even invited us to host a Coastal Angler Magazine Saturday where we can connect with his customers, our readers, as they gear up for the coming season. We’re planning to take him up on it and will bring our secret weapon – Gabe the Fish Babe (see pages 14-15) to spice up our afternoon with some fresh seafood. We’ll post the date on the FaceBook page and website, and hope to see you there.

Speaking of the FaceBook page, it is going crazy. In a few short weeks we have rocketed past 1700 likes. Our analytics (which we are just getting a handle on) tells us we reached more than 37,000 readers last week alone. These are folks from Rhode Island, but increasingly the circle is expanding and FB friends are liking us from all over the country and the world. What do they have in common? They love Rhode Island waters. They

want to come here and enjoy the world’s best fishing. They are Jonesing for summer and dreaming about the sights, sounds and smells of their first catch of the season.

Ditto with the folks who are coming to the CAM RI website. Withtwo (now three) issues under our belt, we are starting to see the traffic surge. We have a few new advertisers there and are just starting to get a handle on the traffic— who is coming there and why. Details to follow as we figure it out.

With each issue of Coastal Angler Magazine Rhode Island, we learn so much more about the drivers and unique nature of the Rhode Island coastal economy. Thanks again for continuing to make this journey so meaningful and fun. As we remind ourselves often, our success is measured by growing and getting smaller – more Rhode Island news, pictures, stories, challenges, anglers, legends, characters.
it! We’ll see you at the March 8-10 New England Saltwater Fisherman Show – don’t miss

Lisa Helme and Mike Danforth