A Note from the Publishers

Our maiden January issue and breathed a long, shuddering sigh of relief. Finally clear of the endless laundry list of logistical odds and ends that accompany the launch of a new magazine, we were at a bit of a loss for what to do next. The two days that followed reminded us of those moments a brand-new plug hangs in the air before it plunges into unfamiliar water at the end of the cast—a mix of high expectations and total uncertainty. We were thrilled that confirmation was almost immediate.

Frankly, in the days since, we’ve been stunned by the degree of enthusiasm and the sheer volume of initial response to Coastal Angler Magazine’s shiny new Rhode Island Edition. On that second day, we got a phone call from a gentleman whose friend had scooped up the last copy at a local gas station; the caller wanted to know where he might secure a copy for himself, or—better yet—just subscribe.

If any of you have been wondering how to track down future issues, you can actually access the full magazine layout in PDF format by viewing www.coastalanglermag.com/rhodeisland and follow the prompts to download the latest issue. If you’d prefer the original “library-ready” printed version, we maintain an up-to-date list of distributors around the state on both the website and the last page of each issue’s pull-out local section.

We’ve also been pleasantly surprised by the number of folks who’ve taken the time to track us down on Facebook (www.facebook.com/ Coastal Angler Magazine Rhode Island Edition). It’s been interesting to observe that, where the print vehicle has enjoyed a warm reception “on the ground,” with the locals, a large percentage of folks tracking us via social media are out-of-staters, many of whom fish Rhode Island waters as many hours as they can without getting fired or shunned for their terrible addictions to rod-and-reel fishing.

It is our main goal in this preliminary phase to make our new magazine available to anyone who shares our passion for Ocean State waters and the fish they conceal. What’s next for the Rhode Island Edition will in large part be determined by you. We hope you’ll share your ideas, reactions and opinions with us, so we might incorporate your feedback into our future plans. Aside from Facebook and our home page, you can make yourself heard by dashing us off a quick e-mail to lisad@coastalanglermagazine.com, or, if you run into him around the docks, you can pass your thoughts along to Zach Harvey directly, and he’ll relay your sentiments to us.

The beauty of this whole enterprise is that we’re not here to win national acclaim and lose track of the little guys. We are the little guys. This is a magazine written for the little guy by the little guy. We will measure our success not by how quickly we can expand into “bigger and better” things, but by how effectively we can move from bigger and more general to smaller, more specific, and more localized.

The aim is to celebrate and preserve the best of a state with a long tradition of respect and genuine appreciation for her bountiful waters and the colorful characters who are as much a part of her coastline as the contoured slate that flanks the mouth of Narragansett Bay.

Here’s to a great state, better friends, and some of the world’s finest waters…

Mike Danforth and Lisa Helme