Ryan’s IRL spotted sea trout.

Indian River Lagoon – August 2021

  Sea trout and redfish are the primary targets of anglers on the Lagoon flats. Anglers should focus their efforts … Jul 31st, 2021

Indian River Lagoon – July 2021

The hot summer days have finally arrived, but that does not mean there are no fish around. Try fishing in … Jul 1st, 2021
Bob’s trophy redfish.

Indian River Lagoon – March 2021

On the lagoons silver mullet return from their winter hunts drawing redfish up into the skinny water. For the slot … Mar 1st, 2021

Banana River Lagoon Fishing Report February 2020

Sheepshead and Black Drum should be two of the more abundant species for anglers to target this month if the … Feb 5th, 2020

Who Remembers Dragon Point?

Sculptor Louis VanDercar built “Annie”, a concrete dragon that stood guard over the Indian & Banana River lagoon on the southern most tip of Merritt Island, Florida. Twenty tons of concrete and steel were brought in to ‘Dragon Point’ by wheelbarrow, as the only access was a wooden boardwalk.Jan 17th, 2020
Jacob gets a top-slot redfish using chunk mullet strategically placed on the end of a sandbar which was covered up in live mullet!


Capt. Mark Wright Let’s talk October fishing; my favorite month to fish on Florida’s east coast. Why? Because, late September … Oct 1st, 2018
Rober enjoyed a morning of sight-fishing Mosquito Lagoon black drum and proved drum can be caught on lures. This drum and others ate a Z-Man Diezel Minnowz on a recent trip with Capt. Mark Wright.


Capt. Mark Wright It looks like I’m going to survive August’s heat after all. It is me or has this … Sep 1st, 2018
Bill convinced this top-slot black drum to eat an artificial shrimp on a recent trip with Capt. Mark Wright.


Capt. Mark Wright Early July has been hotter than the hinges of Hades and I seriously doubt August will offer … Aug 1st, 2018


Capt. Mark Wright In my mind, July kicks off our true summer season. Get out early and get off the … Jul 1st, 2018
Kim catches a fine example of a Mosquito Lagoon redfish on a recent trip with Capt. Mark Wright.


Capt. Mark Wright It’s early May as I write this report and we are still dealing with cold-front activity. Water … Jun 1st, 2018