Fisheries management, two anglers look at the holidays differently, counting our blessings and more…

Be of good cheer, the beginning of the holidays means joy to the world, time with family and the bracing of the body for the inevitable indulgence in great food and drink. Even as world events highlight the most evil and ugly on earth, we fight back by moving forward with our businesses, families and holiday plans with a sense of purpose that shows our solidarity with the victims and rejection of all the bad guys stand for.

We are definitely in the mood to count our blessings – family, friends and the gift of our beautiful waters that willingly yield everything from food to fun, to a deep sense of belonging and feeling that the world – with all of its warts – is still a wondrous and beautiful place. We are grandparents for the first time, and our children are all healthy and happy. We are truly blessed.

And as we close the year we can’t help but smile at the articles this month by Zach Harvey and Tom Schlichter. Each a respected angler and writer, well known in his market and nationally for his talents on the water and with a pen. Ah … keyboard. But you have to laugh at the starkly different take they have on holiday gift giving. Tom is eternally enthusiastic, utterly himself as he tests new gear and gives patient and insightful advice on how to land the big ones, or help your loved ones with new equipment. Zach tells you not to bother… just don’t blow it. Vintage Zach.

But Zach is on the trail this month with his two part series his month on fisheries management. In this installment he shares his passion/anger/wit with an entreaty we hope will reach our readers. Take to social media and let us know what you think!

Thanks to our readers, writers and loyal, growing band of advertisers – we couldn’t do it without you. Merry Christmas, and heartfelt wishes for safe and happy holiday from our family to yours.

Tight Lines,
Lisa Helme and Mike Danforth
Owners and Publishers