Fishy Nurse Adventures ~ Winter, its Almost Over!

Well it’s winter and it’s February and you’re either a “Love is in the air or a catch fish not feelings kinda mood.” I know I’m a “hurry up, this is a short but cold month type person.”

I try and think positively that this means spring is right around the corner and the days are finally getting longer as well!

When I look at last year it’s crazy to think I was in Miami at the boat show and Covid hadn’t hit yet… the storm was brewing.

Here we are a year later and life has changed dramatically! I don’t care how cold it is. Getting on the water or away from work is a treat in itself.

Traveling to fish and see boats is never a bad time! Ironically we had taken a charter last year and fished offshore and rocked a skunk or as some would say only caught a buzz.

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It was definitely blamed on an East wind and apparently the first time for that particular captain in over 10 years. Hey it’s called fishing and not catching for a reason.

We got to go on sea trials with different boat companies and even got to experience an Onslow Bay boat hit 70 mph.

Pretty awesome experience with the boat show all around! I would do it all over again in a second after the past couple months of working in the hospital!

Hopefully we’re turning a new page and we’re headed up from here and back to the glory days of fishing! And almost out of this colder weather!

I know I’m ready for the dolphin bite and the bass to be up on some beds.

Hang in there and tight lines! – Mandy

Mandy Henderson is a night cardiac nurse in Charleston, on her days off she loves to fish as often as she can!  You can visit her on Instagram @onefishynurse 


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