Flukin’, Eatin’ and Releasin’

We are psyched, again. This local issue of Coastal Angler Magazine contains so much great edit, new ads, and more! Thanks to you, our readers and advertisers who are driving this growth.

The increase in advertisers has allowed us to bring on top notch distributors and get more picky about where we distribute your Coastal Angler Magazine. 2 years ago it was tough to convince many non-fishing businesses that having Coastal Angler is a draw for their business. Now I am fielding calls from boat dealers, marinas, even dentists who are looking to engage/distribute/advertise to draw in anglers and grow their business! Ok, the dentist also wanted to get a picture of his son in Coastal Angler, but he also requested them for his office! You’ll know when he buys his first ad!

We even attracted the top talent from Florida to check out how we are doing. Mike spent a week last month with our CEO, Ben Martin, just checking in with readers/advertisers in CT, RI and on LI, the big dogs, to see how we are doing. Well, the Connecticut market is on a tear. People in Rhode Island love to read us, but with a few loyal exceptions (thanks Jeanie, Mike and Elise!) they are still sitting on their wallet waiting for the next guy to fire up the market and Long Island is growing at a furious pace!

Seriously, there is a lot going on here, both in print and digital. Reach out to Mike (owner/publisher of Coastal Angler) to bring advertising advice and insights to help you grow your business and make the most of our short season. Call or email him: at michaeldcoastalanglermagazine@gmail.com. I promise, talking with Mike is worth your time. Go have a beer with him and you’ll have a real hoot.

And tournament season is here – hope to see you at Fluke til Ya Puke and so many more!

If you have feedback of any kind – good, bad, irate, overjoyed, overwhelmed, underwhelmed or indifferent – please fire away. You make yourself heard by zapping a quick note to us, signing on to our FaceBook page or Twitter at CoastalAnglerLI.

We are humbled and proud to bring you Coastal Angler Magazine each month, and look forward to hearing from you. Happy Fathers Day to all – take a dad fishing this month!

Tight Lines.
Lisa Helme and Mike Danforth
Owners and Publisher