GlobalFix Pro - EPIRB Kit

ACR Electronics Survival Kits

ACR Electronics is making life easier and safer for boat owners with pre-packed premium boating Survival Kits. Affordably priced and ideal for any boater, the kits include essential products needed to quickly abandon ship and alert the Coast Guard.

Fell Marine MOB+ Wireless Man Overboard System

Fell Marine has developed a man overboard system that promises to replace the traditional kill-switch lanyard - the MOB+ Wireless Man OverBoard system.

Yatra Aquatune 5712

The Aquatune 5712 is their most compact speaker and is specially designed to pump out 10 hours of dynamic sound on land and at sea.

DRSA Marine Life Friendly Lighting

With increased coastal populations, artificial lights can cause disruption of behavior, injury, and death to thousands of different animals.

Mercury Unrolls Advanced New Features For Joystick Piloting

Mercury’s ecosystem of technology features Joystick Piloting for outboards or inboards, SkyHook virtual anchoring, Vessel View Mobile, and Active Trim.

LifeSpark Fishing Tackle – Making Fish Catching Magic!

You might call this application fish catching magic! Now here comes the rub.... These attractors do exactly what they proclaim, they really do attract fish.

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