Great Fishing on Long Island’s Western Sound

by Tommy Kampa

August is the last month of summer for many; (my summer usually ends in late October – lucky me!) There are many fishing opportunities for seasoned anglers to novices in our local waters and you should take advantage of our resources.

Offshore, Shark, Tuna, Mahi Mahi, Sailfish, Marlin, feed in our waters; you might even be lucky enough to hook a Swordfish! Whales, Porpoises, and Turtles are often seen during the day; “pretty cool to see these creatures in their natural habitat”. Many offshore wrecks will hold Codfish, Black Sea Bass, Hake, and Pollock if you want to fish the bottom. If you’re not familiar with the offshore scene it pays to charter a boat and captain that frequents these waters.

If you’re not traveling offshore, ocean fishing for Fluke, Black Sea Bass, Striped Bass, Bluefish and Porgies can be very rewarding; it’s usually a short run from the beach to the fishing grounds, making for a nice day trip. Inside the bays many of these fish can also be caught; it’s a great place for young children to fish, plenty of action and close to home when they get bored. Three to four hours is plenty of time for young kids, we want them to enjoy themselves and look forward to coming fishing again. The same can be said for the Western Long Island Sound, calm waters for the most part, easy day on the water.

Like to fish the surf or bays on foot? There are also many opportunities for you. We are surrounded by water! Many big Striped Bass over fifty pounds are caught every year by surfcasters always be ready!

If you want to go fishing, but don’t have a clue; find a party boat that takes people fishing, they supply the bait and tackle you will need usually at an affordable price and offers half day trips –all you have to do is jump on. Make friends with the mates, they fish every day; they know what’s working and want you to catch fish. These mates work for tips, remember to reward them for their expertise and service, even if it’s a poor day for catching (yeah that happens once in a while). The mates will also clean your fish at the end of the day, ready for the dinner table.

Consider yourself a fisherman? A charter boat trip might be the ticket for you. It’s usually only a maximum of six anglers on the boat with a captain and mate. These boats will also supply the bait, tackle and most importantly their expertise. A lot can be learned on these trips and it will be very relaxing just to fish and listen. These trips will be a little more expensive, but well worth the price. A reservation will be needed to fish on a charter boat, so don’t wait for the last minute, especially this month.

On any fishing trip you take, make sure you’re prepared for the elements. Bring SUNSCREEN!!! Sunburn will ruin your experience and have long term negative effects on your skin. Hats, sun glasses are also very important when in the sun; it’s always stronger on the water. Bring plenty of fluids to drink during the day, and enough food for everyone. Also bring some sort of cooler with ice to protect your catch and future dinner. A sweat shirt or jacket is nice in case you need it.

Bring your children fishing with you; it will be a great day for the entire family. It can be an experience that your family looks forward to every year if you plan it right.

Remember to be courteous and respectful to your fellow fisherman; everyone wants to have a good time; watch the guys that seem to catch all the fish, there’s a reason they do. Even if catching is tough, enjoy the day and the beauty of the ocean.

Captain Tommy Kampa holds a USCG 100 TON MASTER’S LICENSE; he runs a 29’ Dyer custom bass boat, the MOONLIGHT LADY. We are booking Charters now for the season. Captain Tommy can be reached at or 347 203 5087 to book a charter or express a comment or suggestion.

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