Note From the Publishers….

As the 2017 fishing season rolls into the last leg out at Block Island and Montauk, we want to take a minute to thank you, our readers, for making Coastal Angler Magazine so highly sought after in such a short time! We are fielding dozens of calls for locations to be added to the distribution list. We have a small but growing group of advertisers that tell us we are their most effective print buy in terms of generating leads and business. We have embraced social media and digital advertising on our website, FaceBook pages, and our newly launched Instagram page – what more can you ask for?

If you have been thinking about advertising, or submitting an article, what are you waiting for? Reach out to Mike or me at today!

October is also the month many of our outfitters and bait and tackles which carry Coastal Angler start to slow down for the season. The shop traffic slows to a trickle looking toward the time many will shut down and head south. So in October we switch to a winter distribution that includes more Stop and Shops, for instance. We focus on businesses in your community which are open year round. We are finalizing that distribution list now and if it does not make it into this issue, please be sure to reach out to Mike for details in your town.

But take heart! While we are looking to winterize our boats and, sadly, stow them for the season, it is show time! At this writing, the Newport Boat Show is under way (check out that beast of a Regulator – 41 feet!!) to be followed by Norwalk next week and many more boat and fishing shows to keep the dream alive.

So as we pack up the fishing reports for the season and start looking toward 2018 planning, we would love to hear from you. What do you want to more more of? Less of in 2018? If you have feedback of any kind – good, bad, irate, overjoyed, overwhelmed, underwhelmed or indifferent – please fire away. You make yourself heard by zapping a quick note to us, signing on to our FaceBook page or Twitter at CoastalAnglerRI.

If you can’t find a copy of your local Coastal Angler at your favorite watering hole, marina, bait and tackle or sports store be sure to subscribe! For the cost of postage and handling, we’ll deliver your copy to your door.

Tight Lines.

Lisa Helme and Mike Danforth
Owners and Publishers