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Myth-Busting Florida’s Invasive Lionfish

First reported sightings of a lionfish in Florida waters date back to 1985. Reports slowly increased over the years and eventually resulted in an explosion of sightings around 2009. This is not solely a Florida event but one of international proportions. The affected areas now range from the northern coastline of South America, throughout the entire Caribbean, Central America, Gulf of Mexico and eastern seaboard of the U.S.

The Crossover

In its infancy, kayak fishing was all about lightweight stealthy paddle crafts that provided anglers with a fairly inexpensive alternative to a flats skiff or bass boat. Many participated in the sport of kayak fishing while they saved their pennies to purchase the motorized version of the boat that best suited their style of fishing.

Bow, Tip and Roll a Tarpon

Spring/Summer time is big tarpon time for saltwater fly rodders! No matter if you’re casting the fly to giant river tarpon in Belize or migrating tarpon in the Keys the best way to subdue these monsters is to “Bow, Tip and Roll.”

St Marks River Shallow Water Grouper Tactics

Shallow water grouper fishing out of St. Marks is great during June. My definition of shallow water is 15 to 30 feet in depth. Trolling this time of year is a great time to discover new fishing holes.

Indian River Lagoon Seagrass Loss

Following years of improving health and increases in seagrasses in the Indian River Lagoon, the 156-mile-long estuary is at a crossroads.


Why do most of us outdoorsmen choose the pastimes that we do, other than the sheer challenge and enjoyment of being outside? I know that after years in the golfing industry as an assistant pro and also as a struggling competitive player, I realized that my full focus was not on the game and the opportunities were slipping away. I also knew that one of my addictions with it was the challenge as well as the fact that I grew up in a golfing family and thought it was my job to carry the name on.

Bluewater on the Northern Gulf Coast

The greatest thing about this career is the time spent around passionate people fulfilling their need to relive childhood memories or connect to the thing that allows escape from their day-to-day activities. Recently, I had the opportunity to experience both of these when golf professionals Chris Champagne, PGA professional at The Preserve Golf Club in Vancleave, Miss., and Derrick Goff of the Santa Rosa Golf & Beach Club and I were guests of Capt. Colin F. Byrd of Liquid Oxygen Offshore Charters on his 34’ Sea Vee.

2013 Southern Classic Musky Weekend

Deep through the heart of Middle Tennessee flow numerous rivers that comprise some of the finest bastions of southern muskies. They prowl timber, weed beds, sand bars and ledges, looking to ambush every other species that swims in (and on) the same waters, causing anglers to fumble with their line and turn jittery as their massive silhouettes rise from nowhere behind a well-thrown fly.

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Hillbilly Deluxe / GTB Wins 33rd Annual Cheeca Lodge and Spa Presidential Sailfish Tournament

The two day competition was greeted by nearly calm conditions on the first day and it was only minutes after lines in that the first fish was released and tagged aboard the Kalex. 

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