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Early Summer Season at Central Basin of Lake Erie

Like many areas across the country early summer offers some of the hottest fishing action and reliable weather of the year.

Hooking the Beauty of the Blue Water

Charles and I started our day at 4:30 a.m. leaving La Paz and driving to Punta Arena where we were going to fish for sailfish with a friend and a great guide Enrique.

The Lone Soldier

Let me give you some examples. Bluefish swarmed in the chum slick off the New Jersey coast as we worked to produce a television show. The action was steady. Put a bait out there and you were battling a bluefish. While all this was going on, I took another rod with a swimming plug, streamed it off to one side, and put the rod in a holder. This was my lone soldier—a different bait that merely sat out there while our focus was on catching bluefish.

Fishing the Second Shift

Now that we have made the transition from spring to out right summer, it's not uncommon to have the temps climb into the middle or upper 90s during the heat of the day. This is the time of year that I really like to get the boat loaded and start the trip late in the afternoon, and fish well into the night.

Fly Fishing for Brook Trout in the Presidential Range

Presidential Range, brook trout often seem to appear out of nowhere to attack a muddler. Even trout as small as two or three inches have voraciously pounced upon my drifting muddler. Although other flies will catch trout in these frigid waters, nothing, in my experience, works nearly as well.

Fly of the Month: Garner’s Backcountry Special

The Backcountry Special is what I like to call one of those Swiss Army Knife type of patterns that I always seem to rely on.

Pull Dredges to Improve Angling Success

By Capt. Jodie Gay If you are not pulling at least one dredge in your trolling spread you simply are …

Lake Calcasieu—the Model Estuary

The big Desperado center console handle the chop on the lake very nicely and as I pulled the throttle back on the Yamaha she came off plane and settled onto the surface of the lake. I could almost not believe it, but as I sat there in the quiet void left after turning off the outboard it almost seemed surreal.

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Team Trophy Hunter Wins 59th Annual Islamorada Sailfish Tournament

Under rough conditions and tough fishing anglers competed for three days until lines out of the water was called

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