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Freshwater Mexico!

Let’s talk about fresh water for a change. Mexico has the best bass fishing in the world. Well, that’s what I think. There are three lakes that Charles and I fish. It is not uncommon for us to catch ten to twelve pounders in all of them. You fish them mostly the same way as you do anywhere with top water, crank baits, swim baits and the old standby, plastics.

Carp for Continual Summer Fun!

Carp, a Eurasian fish introduced here in the late 1870s, were thought to be a handy gamefish to replace the loss of native fishes along with being a yummy meal. The gamefish part lost a little of its flavor when it was realized that carp would not hit lures. They were also low on the choice of seafood menu items.

The Two Handed Strip

In saltwater fly-fishing there are many situations where the fly needs move as quickly as possible through the water to spark the interest of a game fish.

Take Me to the Water: Safely Transporting Kayaks

While performance on the water is the ultimate factor in a perfect kayak, being able to launch into the water without incident is almost as important.

Seeing is Believing-Fish Senses

The answer is simple and complex at the same time. Have you ever wondered whether fish can really see color and, if so, what do they actually see? Scientists tell us that fish can and do see color, but there are countless variations to what they see depending on a host of factors. The color of light varies by shadings starting with blues at the short end of the spectrum, followed by greens, yellows, and oranges until red is reached at the long end of the spectrum.

A Fishing Half Day Well Spent

Sometimes the most simple of fishing trips can become a true bucket list memory. Last fall two friends and I decided to sneak out of work for a quick half-day outing to some local marsh southwest of our hometown of Lafayette, LA. What started out as a quick chance to get a fishing fix turned into a bonding experience for all of us.

Trophy Pike in the South Park Reservoirs of Colorado

Colorado pike respond to big swimbaits trolled on planer boards in April. In June, casting spinnerbaits becomes the rule. But for August and September rainbow trout surface feed on damselfly nymphs and the northern pike follow them.

Native Iguanas and Shearwaters saved from invasive mice on Allen Cay, The Bahamas

Allen Cay, The Bahamas was declared free of damaging, invasive house mice today by a partnership restoring the Cay’s natural environment, seabirds, and Endangered iguanas.

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Hillbilly Deluxe / GTB Wins 33rd Annual Cheeca Lodge and Spa Presidential Sailfish Tournament

The two day competition was greeted by nearly calm conditions on the first day and it was only minutes after lines in that the first fish was released and tagged aboard the Kalex. 

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