Publishers’ Note: August 2016

Fourth Annual Pabst Blue Ribbon Striped Bass-Bluefish-Fluke Tournament

July heat, Oscar’s big day out, and tourneys are everywhere …..

We are really excited to bring you this August edition in the heat of the summer when the fish are (finally!) here in big numbers and everyone is dropping a line. Whether into the fresh (see Tom’s article in this issue) or the salt, by land or by sea, for the table or to win the big tournament prizes, this is high fishing time and the catching is easy.

We are finally getting a chance ourselves to spend some time on Long Island sound and recently had a great day fishing with one of our favorite young anglers – Oscar Martin – and his family. Oscar is a bright, serious young kid and we love the intensity he brings to everything he does. He and his Dad, Rich, were determined to catch supper for the families and what a feast! If you are a regular reader you know that porgies (aka scup, panfish, silver snapper) are a favorite fish of ours. Often maligned as not-quite-good-enough for fancy restaurants this tasty fish is making a comeback – check out our recipe in Sea to Table! And check out Oscar’s story in this issue.

Special shout out to friends and family on Shelter Island and the East end. Just enjoyed an amazing weekend on Shelter Island with old friends, some of whom we haven’t seen in 40 years. Won’t let that happen again! We’ll be dropping a line in Peconic Bay very soon…

Black Bass, Fluke, Scup, Tuna, and of course, stripers are on fire. As we mentioned in July, Coastal Angler Magazines in the Northeast are proud to be the official media partners of the Fourth Annual Pabst Blue Ribbon Striped Bass-Bluefish-Fluke Tournament being held in Long Island, Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut. The PBR Fishing Tournament ends at midnight August 20 – so do not miss it! The tourney is catch and release this year so be sure to check the rules as you head out.

There are so many great tourneys around New England – many of them free and geared to kids – you can check them out at

As the fishing moves East and really rocks and rolls, we want to take a minute to thank you, our readers, for making Coastal Angler Magazine so highly sought after in Rhode Island and on Long Island, in such a short time! We are fielding dozens of calls for locations to be added to the distribution list. We have a small but growing group of advertisers that tell us we are their most effective print buy in terms of generating leads and business – what more can you ask for? Even our writers are praising each other!

If you have feedback of any kind – good, bad, irate, overjoyed, overwhelmed, underwhelmed or indifferent – please fire away. You make yourself heard by zapping a quick note to us, signing on to our FaceBook page or Twitter at CoastalAnglerRI.

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Tight Lines.
Lisa Helme and Mike Danforth Owners and Publishers