Publisher’s Note: July 2016

Hemingway Classic Fishing Tournament

Cuba Libre, Tournaments, Nantucket and more….

Hemingway Classic Fishing Tournament

After many years, the Hemingway Classic Fishing Tournament in Havana opened to Americans in a big bad way this year and we were lucky enough to be there, at least for the first few days. While a few American boats have de ed the embargo and joined up over the years, this was the first year Los Norteamericanos showed up in force. There were a record 127 boats, 40+ of which came from the Stuart (Florida) Sailfish Club.

We had hoped to bring you pictures and the story in this issue, but despite the promises of the nice ladies at the Hotel Sevilla in Havana, the wifi was not in fact working for more than about an hour during the five days we were there. Some things have changed a lot in Cuba in recent years – especially since President Obama’s visit – but some things like internet access have not.

And in defense of the Cuban telecoms industry I am now having the same problem here in the US from Nantucket. So stay tuned for the real story on and in next month’s issue!

But closer to home, tournament season is here! Tournament season is here! Coastal Angler Magazines in the Northeast are Proud to be the official media partners of the Fifth Annual Pabst Blue Ribbon Striped Bass- Blue fish – Fluke Tournament being held in Long Island, Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut! Check out their ad in this issue and be sure to go to their website or ours to sign up. With big purses and a great charitable partner- Lions Clubs’ Visually Impaired Fishing Tournaments, you can’t miss this on. Register today at and get your free swag.

And don’t miss the tournaments at Snug Harbor and throughout the Ocean State!

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