Publishers’ Note: November 2016

Fighting Bluefish

In Defense of the Fighting Blues, Coastal Angler News and More…

Those fighting bluefish, the catch we love to hate. Is it a coincidence that while everyone and their brother wants their photo taken with a nice big striped bass, even tog and scup, folks are definitely more camera-shy when it comes to smiling for the camera while holding a nice shiny blue. Is it embarrassment? While blues are popular enough to have their own FaceBook page, it’s embarrassing that there are fewer than 100 likes. Are folks afraid that the chef in the house will toss them out when they bring home that trophy blue?

We know our favorite bluefish recipe is a delicious smoked bluefish pate (find it in our Sea to Table section of the website … yum. capers.) When asked about his favorite bluefish recipe, our writer Zach Harvey replied, “Well, you carefully skin the bluefish….marinade with lemon etc…plank the fish, place plank and fish on the grill…then toss the bluefish and eat the plank.” Haha.

Careful prep is the key to delicious bluefish. Check out Zach’s step by step guide on our website This prep will bring you from zero to hero when you arrive home with your catch of bluefish for the family.


In terms of Coastal Angler News we are continuing to get great feedback on expanding into Connecticut! We welcome Bass Pro as a major new advertiser and are looking for others. We are headed to the annual convention in Florida this month to meet and mingle with Sea Tow’s finest – all owners of their own businesses as we are. We hope to share updates and upgrades to Coastal Angler in terms of looks and distribution footprint that will show them great value. If you want to support your sales goals with smart, targeted advertising just call us!

We continue to get calls from readers who are upset that their favorite outfitter, deli or watering hole is out of free copies by mid-month. We are definitely considering increasing this free circulation, and will probably do it in the spring as fishing season 2017 ramps up, but for now the best suggestion is to subscribe! In addition to the 10,000 free copies we distribute each month in each market, you now have the option to subscribe and beat the crowds, avoiding disappointment at the racks. Remember – we are entering all subscribers into a drawing for a Yeti cooler – the cooler of a lifetime and it could be yours, just for subscribing to Coastal Angler Magazine Rhode Island.

Please reach out with your rants, raves, comments…still a work in progress, but we are working hard to bring you the best.

Tight Lines.
Lisa Helme and Mike Danforth Owners and Publishers